About Us


Teen and Tween fashion line for kids ages 9-16Years. We aimed to create a well-edited, eco-conscious, Inclusive, Feel-Good Online Boutique for high-quality, everyday clothes at affordable prices. Tired of Fast-Fashion and awful quality? Well- us too! We aimed to create a space for fun, comfortable, relaxed clothes-made well! 

We started as manufacturers. Therefore we are able to pass you factory pricing at designer quality. We want to be affordable for all.  

- Comfort first, Latest fashions, and a sporty, young and fresh feel. All made in high-quality fabrics built to last. Our Aesthetic is New Age Nostalgia. Hints of the past and modernised for the kids of today. 

We couldn't ignore the gap in the market for the Trendy tweens out there so made mini-me versions. Your'e welcome!



We care about our planet. We care about our carbon footprint. We care about animals. 

We only use Faux-Fur

We are switching slowly to organic Cottons

75%of our line is made from  Sustainable Fabrics- Made from quality Left over fabrics to promote a circular economy. These fabrics would have been dumped irresponsibly, landfilled or incinerated.

This is now our Priority number one. As our collection grows, we are shifting to solely using these fabrics. 

Our factories are Accord Approved ensuring the safety parameters of the workplace, covering the building strength, Fire Safety, and electrical safety. Our factory is also BSCI approved which ensures the social and work ethic compliance of a manufacturer.

Our prices are inexpensive- we don't wish to encourage fast fashion. We want to make sure we are inclusive. Therefore our designs are aligned to the current trends but made to be timeless. To be able to mix and match between seasons, and most importantly- sewed to last. We hate fast fashion- Wear your clothes, Slow it Down.