Grime Or Glamour – What Your Clothes Say About You
Grime Or Glamour – What Your Clothes Say About You

Grime Or Glamour What Your Clothes Say About You

Grime Or Glamour – What Your Clothes Say About You

When we’re still young, our clothes are something our parents buy for us. We don’t really take that much notice of anything apart from maybe the colour or size of the garment, mainly because we’re too busy doing things that kids like doing. As we get older, things change, and we suddenly start to realise that our teen clothes say a lot about who we are, what we’re interested in and even the kind of personality we have. This is our guide to the different ways in which clothes for teens help to define the way people see us and the kind of impression we create when we walk into a room.


We surely know at least one person who likes this. The majority of their wardrobe is made up of sportswear and they are generally far more comfortable in a pair of trainers than they are in sensible shoes. This can mean two things to most people when they think about clothes; for teens who like sports such as football, rugby, running and tennis, it’s all about being practical. Having a kick around in the playground at school or in the park at the weekend doesn’t always require you to get changed into a full kit, so if you’re already wearing clothes that you can move around in, you don’t need to worry about taking spares. For girls who enjoy sport, its exactly the same and when people, especially those who are a little older, see you in sportswear, they will naturally assume that you are a fan of keeping active.

Not everybody who wears trainers and tracksuits is about to go for a run or a game of five of a side. We know this because sportswear is really popular with grime artists, MCs, DJs and even people in bands. If your teen clothes are mainly sport friendly items but you aren’t really that interested in football or other games, the chances are that you love your music and culture. That means that when people see you and your friends dressed in the latest trendy teen clothes, it tells them a lot about the music and culture you enjoy the most. Let’s face it, you don’t see many rockers, goths, emo kids or fans of singer songwriters in sportswear very often. If you’re all about the street and sportswear, you’re showing the world that you love edgy urban music such as hip- hop, bass-line house, drum and bass, dubstep and grime.


This style has remained pretty similar for over 20 years. In the mid 1990s, a type of music called “grunge” changed the fashion world as much as it changed the world of music. Instead of leather jackets and tight blue denim jeans, bands like Nirvana became known for wearing super casual, baggy checked shirts, simple and often rather battered baseball boots and faded or ripped trousers. Clothes for teenagers are defined by popular music and culture, here at Teenzshop we always follow the latest fashion trends in our collections, and wearing this kind of retro, easy going style will tell everybody that you’re a laid back, chilled out kind of person who likes to do things a little bit differently.

Instead of looking super smart all the time, you like to emphasise the casual and even messy style that many of the icons from that era decided to pioneer. For girls, teen clothes based on the grunge style are similar but there are also options like long skirts, cute pinafore style dresses or even leggings worn with big chunky boots. The name of the game when it comes to grunge is being individual.


This style is enjoying something of a resurgence at the moment and was famously well known for being the uniform of skateboarders, DJs and other super cool people back in the early 2000s. Skateboarding trainers are still really popular among both boys and girls who like their teen clothes to be comfortable and fashionable at the same time. Even those who have never set foot on a skateboard can enjoy this style as stores that sell teen clothing online, including here at always have a fantastic selection. When you’re wearing this kind of outfit, it identifies you as a little bit of a rebel, someone who doesn’t want to fit in with what everybody else thinks. You probably like the kind of music that doesn’t get played on daytime radio very much and you have the kind of fun, party attitude that makes you popular with people who like to have a good time.


This kind of style can take quite a bit of bravery to pull off correctly but the “geek chic” look has been very popular with celebrities and everyday people over the years. Wearing soft, warm clothes for teenagers that will keep you toasty in the colder winter months is obviously very practical, but if you like this understated and sometimes ironic style, you can also end up looking great as well. The good thing about dressing in this way is that it can create a really good impression in a lot of different situations. Older people can be a little suspicious of hoodies and tracksuits, but this kind of teen clothing ensemble will make you appear approachable, sensible and trustworthy.


You’re one of a kind and your outfits scream out individuality. This quirky and unusual style can actually be quite cost effective and buying cheap teen clothes with crazy patterns or colours that have to be seen to be believed makes you stand out from the crowd. When people see you, they assume your personality is big, loud and bold, just like your style. If this sounds like you, the chances are that you don’t really care that much about the teen clothing trends your mates are wearing because you’re far too busy just doing your own thing. It’s not an easy look to pull off and it won’t be for everybody, but if looking truly unique is your thing, this could be for you.