What to Wear According to Your Body Type
What to Wear According to Your Body Type

What to Wear According to Your Body Type

What to Wear According to Your Body Type

We all love to dress perfectly for the occasion and also desire to receive compliments for the way we look. But it is easier said than done, the reason is that ideally, we need to dress accordingly to our body shape. Actually, it involves a bit of research to buy stylish clothes that will fit you perfectly.


Enjoy this exciting and informative read on buying the right stylish clothes for teenage girls that will fit your body shape perfectly and make you look appealing. First things first, let us give you an overview of the different body shapes so that it becomes easier for you to select clothes that will fit you as if they have been designed especially for you. Mentioned below are the highlights of each body types, so be ready to find out which body type is yours.


Circle - Thick around the middle

Triangle - Larger at the bottom

Hourglass - Curvy but evenly proportioned

Rectangle - Straight up and down


So, by now you must have figured out what your body type is? Next step is to understand how clothes will look on your body type? Do not worry; we will serve as your style mentor and help you find clothes to fit your body type perfectly. Here are some expert recommendations for you, as to which type of clothes you should opt for depending on your body type:





This body type has weight mostly around the middle. So, it is essential for you to wear teen girls clothes that fit you loosely around your midsection. This is essential so that you can conceal a bulging stomach.


What to avoid:


Girls with such body types should avoid wearing clothes that will draw attention to the midsection, tops that clinch your waist, high-rise pants will highlight your waist.


Expert recommendation:


  • Tunic: Girls having circular body shape will look good and slim in tunics. The relaxed cut will simply glide over the stomach area and will help cover your flab.
  • Shift dress: The structure of this dress type will help slim your trouble areas, especially if you wear it with high heels.
  • Slim cut pants: This long and lean pant accentuates your trim legs thus helps moving attention from your problem area - waistline. Best is to team it up with a tunic top or blousy top.
  • Empire-waist top: This top will take away attention from your waistline and will draw attention just below your bust thus accentuating a narrow rib cage and help to camouflage the stomach area.





The triangle body type has narrow shoulders and torso and comparatively more full hips.


What to avoid:


If you have a triangle body shape, the best is to avoid clothes for teen girls that do not have a particular shape, oversized woolens, skirts made of curve-hugging, flimsy fabric like silk, skinny jeans, and pants.


Expert recommendation:


  • Wide-Leg Pants: Opting for a dark pair of wide-leg pants will lend a slender look to your problem areas- thighs and also will help you create a longer and slimmer silhouette!
  • Tailored Jacket: It is better to go for a custom- fit jacket that will accentuate your persona by covering your problem areas. A structured jacket will accentuate your shoulders and thus will even out the lower body's proportions.
  • Boatneck Top: This wide neckline will broaden your shoulder line and thus pull attention from your fuller hips.
  • A-Line Skirts: The non-clinging design of this skirt is a boon for this body type. Best is to opt for a tapered A-line skirt and avoid the one that appears to be too triangular.




This body shape has a massive bust, narrow waistline and full hips in good proportion. Teen girls clothing that work best on this body type is those that can easily move and match with your natural curves and in fact, accentuates them to create appeal.


What to avoid:


Clothes that don't work on this body type are box style and oversized dresses like, tunics, baby-doll dresses, and oversized cardigans.


Expert recommendation:


  • High-waist pants: This style accentuates your natural waistline and thus draws attention to a thin middle.
  • Wrap Dress: This type of dress creates a diagonal movement across your body that is a real boon for such body types.
  • V-Neck Top: This close-fitting blouse with an open neckline will bring out your curves without exaggerating them.
  • Pencil Skirt: This works best on the hourglass body type since it accentuates the waistline slides down the hips.




This body type has a little definition at the waist and is almost equally proportioned from top to bottom. This type of body shape is usually referred to as boyish. The best styles recommended for this body type are clothes that fit snugly at the middle but flares out at the bottom, be it skirts, denim or pants. This style will help you accentuate your curves.


What to avoid:


Girls with this body shape should avoid dresses that are too body hugging or too flowy or ill-fitted around the waistline.


Expert recommendation:


  • Boot-Cut Pants: The slim fit of these pants at the hip area smoothly graduates to wider hems thus giving the impression of even shapeliness.
  • Fitted Jacket: A nipped-in blazer will be a perfect choice for you, as it will create an appearance of fuller waist and hips.
  • Feminine Top: The wispy and ruffles sleeves will work wonders for this body type as it will add volume to the shoulder and bust areas thereby making the waist area look smaller comparatively.
  • Flared Skirt: This type of skirts has a flouncy hem and is contrasted with a tapered waist that will help you lend an illusion of the appealing hourglass figure.


So, I hope this style guide will help you create your wardrobe that is filled with stylish clothes that will make you look your fashionable best and cover your problem areas and accentuate your assets.


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