What Does Your Choice Of Shoes Say About Your Personality
What Does Your Choice Of Shoes Say About Your Personality

What Does Your Choice Of Shoes Say About Your Personality

What Does Your Choice Of Shoes Say About Your Personality

When it comes to fashion for adults as well as clothes for teenagers, shoes can tell us a lot about a person. The style, shape and condition of a pair of shoes often gives us clues about a person’s personality, tastes and much more.

Though they can often be overlooked as just functional items, especially for boys, one or two good quality pairs of shoes can be a staple part of your wardrobe. Some people even become trainer and shoe enthusiasts who make a hobby out of locating and buying the newest or most unusual designs. Even though that may be a little too expensive for young people who are looking for teen clothes, UK retailers now stock a diverse range of footwear to suit almost any taste, here at https://teenzshop.co.uk/collections/girls-shoes we have an amazing collection of fashionable shoes for girls. This guide explains a little bit about what your shoes can say about you and how they can create an impression that represents your personality.


A favourite of school uniforms and a staple for many grown-ups who wear smart clothes to work, the classic black leather or mixed material shoe is considered the most acceptable form of footwear in many situations. Though trendy teen clothes shops don’t usually promote plain black shoes as much as cool trainers, everybody who goes to school or college will probably need a pair. They don’t have to be boring, either. A well designed, well-polished and clean pair of smart black shoes says you take a little pride in your appearance and you know when to dress the part if you need to. For girls, these kind of shoes demonstrate that you’re not all about the glamour. A sensible, robust pair of black leather shoes should always have a place in a young female’s collection of teen clothing, even if you only wear them for school, you know for a fact that they will always look the part.


Though not really appropriate for younger children, when many young women hit their teenage years, they enjoy wearing the kind of shoes that make grown-ups look sophisticated and glamorous. Strappy sandals, big chunky wedges or even flip flops can be great when you want to look a little more fun and freer than when you’re wearing school clothes. Check our trendy collection of shoes for girls here. Parties and social functions like school discos can be a great time to dress up in all your latest fashionable teen clothes and with a grown-up pair of shoes like these, you can look and feel fantastic. Though sandals and wedges aren’t usually something boys wear, a comfy pair of flip flops are a great addition to any summer wardrobe as you can wear them to the beach, the park or just while relaxing around the house.


They might not be for everyone and they definitely belong to a certain sub culture of fashion but wearing skateboarding shoes demonstrates that you aren’t the kind of person who cares about fitting in with the crowd. For boys and girls, fat, chunky trainers look great with baggy jeans, shorts or combat trousers and they also double up as practical, exercise friendly footwear. Made to withstand a battering, these hardy and fashionable shoes will add a touch of alternative style to your existing collection of teen clothes. UK retailers generally have a great selection and as they aren’t the most popular type of shoe, you can often find yourself some incredible bargains, even when you’re looking for major labels and well-known brands.


This is the realm of the collector, the enthusiast and those with a lot of spare cash. For most of us, this kind of shoe is a treat that should only be worn on special occasions. All the major trainer manufacturers make limited edition products, many of them even feature crazy extras like clock faces in the tongue or special logos on the heel. There’s no way you would play a game of football while wearing something like this and for younger teenagers, this style is probably a little too grown up, but if you’re a little older and have a love for all things exclusive, saving up and adding a pair of hard to find trainers to your collection of teen clothes can be a great way to stand out amongst the crowd. Some serious collectors never take their trainers out of the box and others just wait until the price goes up, so they can resell them on Ebay, but the real die hard lovers of hard to find fashion will brave the elements at least once and wear their super rare kicks in public.


Whether it’s the classic tennis shoes of the 1970s, the running trainers of the 1980s or the big, air cushioned basketball boots of the 1990s, there’s a lot to choose from when it comes to retro shoes these days. Low profile trainers basically look a lot smaller on your feet and can look fantastic if you want to dress casually without looking too scruffy. They suit both boys and girls and will work with jeans, skirts, shorts and even some types of smarter trousers. If you have this kind of shoe in your collection, the chances are your choice of teen clothes is pretty stylish. For those who prefer the big tongues of the 80s and 90s, the appeal most likely comes from hip-hop culture. Teen clothing enthusiasts who rock this look can usually tell you a thing or two about rap music and street culture.


Let’s face it, they aren’t really made for older teens but for younger kids who love to have fun, heelys are great. Teenage clothing can often be very serious but if you aren’t ready to take fashion seriously yet, a pair of these lets you enjoy the freedom of playing outside with your friends or casually rolling down a school corridor on non-uniform day, at least until you get told to stop it by your teachers.