Weekend Outfit Ideas For Teens - Weekend Style Guide
Weekend Outfit Ideas For Teens - Weekend Style Guide

Weekend Outfit Ideas For Teens - Weekend Style Guide

Weekend Outfit Ideas For Teens - Weekend Style Guide

The working week is over for the teachers and your parents, which means the school week is finished, too. No more books, pens, ties and timetables until Monday rolls around. So, what are your plans? Some serious gaming time with friends online? Movie night with your family? Maybe you're going out to meet up with people at a leisure centre or youth club? Depending on what sort of weekend you are looking for, the teen clothes you wear will be very different. In this article, we talk about how to dress for the weekend, because let's face it, sitting around in your school uniform isn't something anybody wants to do unless they absolutely have to.


Staying at Home


Whether you're planning to rack up some more hours on the console, snapchat with friends or just binge on Netflix, a weekend of your own company can be one of the best ways to enjoy your free time. The great thing about this sort of weekend is that you don't really need to worry too much about how you look and you can dress for pure, unadulterated comfort. Big fluffy socks or warm, fur lined, soft boots well keep your feet lovely and toasty while the autumn air turns cooler outside. A loose-fitting pair of joggers or tracksuit bottoms can also be a great idea, especially if you can find a pair that are made from soft material like cotton. For your top half, a nice big hoodie, either with a zip or the standard pullover design will make you feel cosy and relaxed. You can also use fleeces or jumpers for the same effect. We all know that trendy teen clothes matter but sometimes, it's nice to forget all of the pressures of staying up to date and on trend while you catch up on some of that much needed me time.


Staying With Friends


Whether it’s a sleepover at your bff's place or something like a birthday party or barbecue, you will need to take a selection of teen clothes with you when you plan to visit a friend's house for the night. Always pack a spare pair of socks and underwear just in case and make sure you include your pyjamas as well. Though they aren't the most fashionable of items, they are an essential when it comes to bed times in an unfamiliar house. Jeans and trainers are usually fine for the rest of the evening and unless you've been invited to a formal party, you can wear something nice and casual. A sports bag is also a good item to have in this situation as you can pack everything you need in to a small space and it also looks a lot more fashionable than giant suitcase.


Meeting Friends While Out And About


If you're planning to meet up with your buddies in town or at a local youth club, you will definitely want to look your best. After a week in school uniform, this is a chance to show off some of your favourite garments. Trainers are definitely a good choice and some groups of friends who are particularly interested in teen clothes will compare their latest finds. Just remember to try and keep them clean, nobody likes a dirty pair of sneakers, especially if they happen to white or lighter colours. One of the great things about dressing for the weekend is that you can wear things that you aren't normally allowed to wear at school, so things like baseball caps, beanies, sunglasses, jewellery and other accessories can be given pride of place. Though some people love to be covered in the latest brands, there are now a surprising number of cheap teen clothes shops online, including here at https://teenzshop.co.uk/ that offer good quality accessories like this for a fraction of the price of the major labels. This means that even if your parents don't have that much money, you can still look great in your out of school clothing collection.


Sports and Activities


If you're the sporty type, you will need two sets of teen clothes for the weekend. One that wear while working out, playing games or running and the other to get changed in to when you have finished. Light fabrics like nylon and other mixed materials are usually a good idea for sportswear as they allow the skin to breath. You can pick up a pair of tracksuit bottoms or shorts quite cheaply now and if you are prepared to wear unbranded gear, it can be considerably less expensive than opting for famous names. Practicality is the name of the game when buying teenage clothing for sports and you need to make sure what you are wearing suits the occasion. Check our online store here for a great selection of teen clothes to suit any occasion, from weekend casual clothing to dress up styles. Being too hot or too cold can ruin a game and having the wrong kind of footwear can also cause problems. Invest in a pair of running shoes, football boots or climbing shoes, depending on what sort of thing you like to get up to in your spare time. For the journey home, a simple pair of jeans and a loose-fitting T-Shirt is usually a good choice. You probably want to take a spare pair of shoes, too. Especially if you've been playing anywhere muddy or wet.


Parties, Weddings and Events


If you've been invited to a special occasion, then make sure you choose some of your best teen clothes to wear. For girls, stylish dresses or smart tops and skirts will make you feel grown up and sophisticated and a good pair of shoes will complete the overall look. For boys, smart trousers, chinos or chords will make you look very dapper and well ironed, stylish shirt with an open collar will help you to fit in with the grown-ups without looking out of place. If it's a casual party, then this is the time to bring out our street fashions. Life isn't a catwalk, but for some special occasions, you can pretend it is, just until you have to go back to school on Monday morning.