The Most Unfashionable Clothes Of All Time
The Most Unfashionable Clothes Of All Time

The Most Unfashionable Clothes Of All Time

The Most Unfashionable Clothes Of All Time

It’s no secret that fashions come and go as the years go by. Something that is considered unbelievably trendy can suddenly become so cliched that nobody wants to be seen wearing it, especially in public. Often, trendy teen clothing comes in cycles, with certain patterns and styles emerging every few years. There are some exceptions, though and some garments seem to be totally devoid of any sense of fashion at all. 

This article takes a humorous look at some of the world’s most unfashionable clothes, so you know what to avoid.



Practically indestructible and chunkier than a family sized chocolate bar, these practical but unbelievably ugly shoes are not made for public consumption. You might slip on a pair to help your parents take the bins out or maybe to pop down to the local shop to pick up a pint of milk, but you wouldn't wear these at a gig or school prom. It doesn't seem to matter what you wear with these truly unique but aesthetically unappealing shoes; their garish colours and awkward looking shape will always stand out in a way that gets you noticed for all the wrong reasons. If your teen clothing collection does include a pair of these, treat them like a pair of pyjamas or a dressing gown. Keep them out of the view of the general public.


Socks and Sandals

For the past 50 years, this dreadful combination has caused distress and sadness to many innocent bystanders. Usually favoured by older people, though there are some exceptions, socks with sandals has become one of the most universally hated fashion statements in the world. It never looks good under any circumstances, even if you're going for the ironic hipster look or something equally unusual. Though not all teen clothes have to be super cool, unless you're certain nobody is going to see you that day, avoid the dread socks and sandals combination at all costs. If it doesn't even suit your great granddad, it certainly won't suit you.


Novelty Christmas Jumpers

Ok, so they can be really funny once a year, but that novelty will wear off quick. Definitely avoid wearing these unless it’s a special occasion or perhaps a charity event at school that involves everybody dressing in the same way. Christmas and fashion don't really have much to do with each other and as long as you're comfortable and having fun, that's all that really matters. Leave your novelty woolly jumper out of your regular teen clothing collection if you can, we all like to get a bit silly around the Christmas period, but it's once a year for a good reason.



This one might cause a little controversy and we admit that some people actually look great in this unique style of trousers, but for most people, this design should be left back in the 1970s where it belongs. Retro fashions can be tricky to pull off for younger teenagers and only the bravest will try something as risky as wearing flares while out and about. Fancy dress parties, special occasions and wearing around the house notwithstanding, this is another item of clothing for teens that is usually considered highly unfashionable.


Sunglasses Indoors

You have probably seen loads of pop stars do it, but you need to ask yourself, can you really pull that look off? The answer is almost certainly no. Celebrities and musicians often dress for the cameras and in reality, they wouldn't genuinely choose to wear something as outlandish as this. If you're at a party or happen to be dressing up for a bit of a laugh, then by all means go for it, just try not to take it all seriously. Nobody likes a wannabe, especially if they keep bumping into things because they can't see where they're going. Keep the shades for sunny days.


Ripped Clothes 

This is actually a tough one as some designers do put out great quality garments that are purposefully ripped or “distressed” as it’s known in the industry. There is a big difference between a designer pair of jeans with strategically placed rips and tears and an old pair of faded denims that have worn through at the knee. Even for punk rockers and emo kids, wearing old, ripped clothes is not a good look. Trendy teen clothes that have the same kind of distressed look are now available everywhere online and you can pick up some extremely stylish garments for excellent value.


Novelty Hats

You know the type. Jester hats, those baseball caps with the arms that clap and the sort of thing Homer Simpson wears to watch his favourite team play. By all means, use this novelty style of head gear for their intended purpose and have fun wearing them at parties, but please, don't try to make them fashionable. Some things just aren't meant to be and no matter how experimental your approach to teen fashion may be, wearing an oversized furry top hat with bells on it will not look good. Though it may attract a considerable amount of attention.


School Uniform in Your Free Time

Sometimes wearing your school clothes outside of teaching hours is unavoidable. You could be going over to a friend’s house for dinner and have forgotten to take a change of clothes to school with you, or maybe you're just meeting up with friends for an hour or so before you go home. If you do get the chance to get changed into something a little more fashionable than your blazer and tie, we would definitely advise this wherever possible. In general, try to avoid wearing your school uniform unless you absolutely have to. It means it will last longer and it also means you get the chance to show off some teen clothes that you actually want to be seen in. No matter how much you love school, it’s important to have plenty of other clothes alongside the ones you wear every week day.