Timeless Classics - The Teen Styles That Never Get Old
Timeless Classics - The Teen Styles That Never Get Old

Timeless Classics - The Teen Styles That Never Get Old

Timeless Classics - The Teen Styles That Never Get Old

Since fashion became something for everyone, not just catwalk models or rock stars, there are certain styles and garments that have remained popular, no matter what other trends are happening. Though it can be great to have a wardrobe that is totally up to the minute and full of the kind of teen clothes that have that unmistakable “wow” factor, it’s also a good idea to invest in some tried and tested favourites. Our guide on some of the most iconic styles and garments from over the years will help you to get an idea of the sort of thing to look out for. Some people love to stand out, which is fine, but others like to stick to the classics that are known and loved. If that sounds like you, read on.


The Leather Jacket


From the 1950s to the present day, the humble leather jacket has remained a must have fashion accessory for anybody with even a passing interest in clothes. For teens, this style of coat can be expensive, but they are also made to last a long time and provide you with all the warmth, insulation and of course, style that you need to get through the colder autumn and winter months. For both boys and girls, a leather jacket is the kind of garment that lasts years, not months, so if you are considering buying something like this to add to your own teen clothing collection, makes sure you get the size, fitting and style you need. For those who prefer not wearing things that are made from animals, there are now a wide range of synthetic materials that can be used to make imitation leather. Though many years ago, some rather snobby people say that this kind of product is inferior, nothing could be further from the truth. Manufacturers now ensure that leather style products that are made from man-made materials still have the same look, feel and insulating properties as the real thing.


Properly Fitting Jeans


These days, jeans come in all shapes and sizes. Depending on your taste in music, culture and many other things, the style you prefer will vary. Big, baggy jeans are often popular with the rock crowd whereas tighter, skinny jeans are a favourite of the indie kid and the hipster. Like anything that is influenced by trends, these styles will inevitably come and go. That means it's worth investing in a good quality pair of well-fitting jeans that you can wear in almost any situation. Clothes for teens don't always have to be outrageous or unusual and this style of denim wear can be used in multiple different outfits, so you'll get plenty of use out of them. Worn with smart black shoes for the boys, well-fitting jeans can be great for a “smart casual” look and for the girls, worn with heels or flats, they can provide the same kind of effect. So next time you're searching for teen clothes online, including here at https://teenzshop.co.uk/, or looking around the high street shops, it could be a good idea to leave those carrot fit skinny style jeans on the rack and pick up a pair of straight legged, well fitted ones that can be used for different occasions.


Little Black Dress


Mainly aimed at older teenage girls, this classic staple of female fashion has been popular for as long as anybody can remember. For school proms, trips out with friends or special occasions like birthdays and weddings with your family, this iconic style of evening wear will always be popular. You don't need anything especially fancy or expensive, but a well-made black dress could be just the thing you need to make your collection of teen clothes complete. Though traditionally, this style of dress is quite short, it certainly doesn't have to be, and you can buy mid length or longer style black dresses that will still provide that grown up, sophisticated look with the absolute minimum of effort. Here at Teenzshop, we have a nice selection of dresses for girls to suit any occasion.


Animal Print Designs


From leopard skin to zebra stripes, the animal print is a bold, brave and eye-catching motif that is used by both high fashion brands and every day teen clothing retailers. Though some particularly flamboyant and rebellious boys may enjoy wearing this style of print, younger teenagers and those who prefer a more casual or traditional look may want to avoid this unless they're feeling especially gutsy that day. For girls, the animal print motif is pretty much fool proof. Bags, shoes, t-shirts and tops all look great with this kind of pattern and you can even match a few items to create a coordinated, purposeful look. Though this style remains incredibly eye catching and very striking, it is still considered a classic by fashion conscious adults and clothing conscious teens all over the world.


Classic Low-Profile Trainers


For boys and girls, this style of street shoe has been in fashion since the early 1970s. Many famous brands now have a “classics” range and though some people prefer high tops or chunkier trainers, the low profile, tennis style sneaker remains popular among everybody from indie kids through to grime fans. Versatility is the name of the game when it comes to this type of shoe as it can work with almost any outfit. Favoured by sports personalities, celebrities and of course, fashion conscious teen clothes shoppers, the low-profile trainer looks amazing with jeans, tracksuit bottoms, joggers, skirts and even certain dresses. Ideally suited for boisterous lunchtimes on the playground or a good kick around with your mates on a Saturday afternoon, this supremely comfortable and endlessly versatile trainer is designed for comfort and casual style.




If you're the kind of person who sometimes struggles when it comes to making fashion choices, classics like the examples above can be really helpful. Clothes for teens are often subject to fads and trends that come and go quicker than a manufactured pop band but picking up something that has a little bit of heritage means they will stand the test of time and last you for years.