Teen Fashion Stereotypes and How To Avoid Them
Teen Fashion Stereotypes and How To Avoid Them

Teen Fashion Stereotypes and How To Avoid Them

Teen Fashion Stereotypes and How To Avoid Them

A stereotype is a little bit like a cliché. It’s an idea we have about something that has become so accepted it becomes normal. Some examples are ideas like “all boys like football” or “all girls love wearing dresses.” We know this isn’t true because everybody is unique, but unfortunately, stereotypes can stick around for a long time, even after they have been proved to be untrue. Clothes for teenagers, adults and children come in all different shapes, sizes and styles but stereotypes about who should be wearing what still defines how a lot of people view the world of fashion in general. This article explains a little bit about the most common teen fashion stereotypes and how you can try to avoid them.


Though the phenomenon of the jock is thought of as an American idea, it does still influence the way many young people in this country dress as well. Football tops, t-shirts with collars, tracksuit bottoms and the classic, oversized hooded top are the standard teen clothing choice for those who love their sports. There’s a good reason for wearing sports gear when you’re exercising or on your way to and from a game with your mates, but if it’s the only thing you wear, your wardrobe could be a little bit on the boring side. Why not try and mix things up a little bit by wearing at least one non-sport related item of clothing per week. A simple jumper, a V-necked T-shirt or a pair of jeans can be all you need to dilute that super sporty look. Your skills no doubt speak for themselves, so you don’t need to wear that football kit all the time.


Ok, we get it. You love rock music so much you want to listen to it 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You love your teen clothing to be a celebration of all the passionate, energetic bands who make that music you adore, and you don’t care who knows it. Band T-Shirts, baggy or skinny jeans, accessories like chains, studded belts and pendants are all true hallmarks of the die-hard heavy metal, punk and rock music fan. Variety is the spice of life, though, so if you suddenly realise that your whole wardrobe is made up entirely of these, just search online for teen clothes that are alternative to what you usually wear. Try picking up a few neutral coloured shirts, T-shirts or jackets that you can wear one or two days a week. This won’t dampen your passion for the music you love so much, but it will help you avoid clichés and let everybody know there’s more to you than just the bands you like.


You’re a little shy, nervous around a lot of people and trendy teen clothes mean very little to you most of the time. You’re too busy thinking, daydreaming and most probably getting on with your work to be bothered by which celebrity is wearing which label. This is fine, not everybody has to be a fashion follower, but if you notice that you own nothing but plain shirts, plain skirts, blouses or cardigans, it could be time to pick up some new garments. You don’t have to go crazy but consider something nice and colourful with busy patterns to break up the super sensible style you usually show off. It doesn’t have to be something you wear all the time, but it’s great to surprise people now and then. It reminds them that there’s usually a lot more to somebody than meets the eye.


To you, life is a catwalk. A brand-new dress must match with your shoes and your accessories are always well coordinated. The chances are, you even do your make up when you pop out for a trip to the shops with your family at weekends. There’s nothing wrong with this style and for female teen clothing lovers, looking good and keeping the wardrobe up to date can even become something of a hobby. Let’s just remember that life isn’t always about the glamour, though. If the only things you own look they’ve fallen from the pages of a glossy fashion mag, maybe it’s time to invest in a pair of jogging bottoms and a nice comfy hoody. Be kind to yourself. You look amazing no matter what, so when you get the chance, allow yourself to chill out and dress down. It makes the glamorous times so much more fun. Here at Teenzshop we have an amazing collection of dress down styles for girls from T-shirts through joggers, jeans and hoodies.


You love labels so much you look like you already have a sponsorship deal. Your shoes match your T-Shirt, your snapback matches your bag and if you’re honest, if it doesn’t have a logo, you’re not interested. This can be a great look but remember that you aren’t a walking advertisement and wearing only branded trendy teen clothes can be expensive. Picking up some plain T-Shirts or even garments with smaller, more discrete logos can make your wardrobe seem more varied. When you change up your style like this and wear cheap teen clothing from time to time, it makes it even more effective when you do turn up dressed head to toe in high-street brands.


If you could put pink bows on football boots, you probably would. To you, pretty is powerful and you prefer your garments to be delicate, feminine and fun. Silky summer dresses, plenty of accessories and the kind of grown up style that makes you the envy of your class. Wearing the same stuff day in day out must get boring, though. Why not experiment with clothes that you aren’t afraid to get dirty once in a while? You can pick up a pair of tracksuit bottoms or comfy joggers for next to nothing and outfits like leggings and hoodies or jeans and T-shirts will show that you have more than one type of style in your collection. Even if you’re a girly girl at heart, you know there’s a lot more to you than sugar spice and all things nice. Head over to https://teenzshop.co.uk/collections/girls/ to find a great selection of clothing for girls that is as comfortable as trendy.