New Term, New Trends – What Is Your School Vibe
New Term, New Trends – What Is Your School Vibe

New Term, New Trends What Is Your School Vibe

New Term, New Trends – What Is Your School Vibe

As the long, lazy summer comes to a close, millions of young people are preparing to return to school for another term. After spending six weeks or more doing nothing but playing outside, enjoying some gaming time with your console or spending time with your family, you probably haven't thought about your wardrobe all that much. This guide explains the kind of teen clothing that should be in every school or college student's collection to ensure that your return to the world of education is as simple and easy as possible. Let's face it, going back to school after such a long break can be tough enough without having to worry about what kind of teen clothes you need to wear.



Depending on your school or college's uniform policy, you will need at least one pair of good quality, sturdy shoes that look good with smart trousers, skirts or dresses. Leather can be expensive, but it is waterproof, warm and long-lasting. An alternative is mixed material shoes which can be a lot cheaper, but also run the risk of getting a little smelly as the material isn't always made to be breathable. The best thing to do is check what the shoes are made of when you're searching for teen clothes online. If you do P.E or any kind of sport, a good pair of trainers will be needed, as well. They don't necessarily have to be the top brand and in some cases, it can actually be better to buy cheaper shoes, especially if you plan on getting them muddy or dirty on a regular basis. With trainers, the main thing to think about is comfort, so if possible, try to ensure they fit you properly before making a purchase as nobody likes blisters or sore feet.



For girls and boys, black trousers are often the standard staple of the school uniform, so making sure you have a few pairs is a good idea. This means they can be washed and ironed on rotation, ready for the next day. Cotton is generally softer but can wear out a little faster, so many school uniform style trousers are made from a mixture of man-made fabrics and organic material. Avoid flared bottoms, overly baggy or tight designs as these can look quite odd when compared to what the rest of the school is wearing. Instead, try to choose a simple, straight leg or “drainpipe” design, with or without a crease at the front. That way you look smart and fit in without getting any unwanted attention.


For girls who need to update their collection of school-friendly teen clothes, longer skirts and plain dresses are a good option. Again, many schools prefer black or perhaps grey, but this will depend on your individual place of learning. Ideally, clothes for teens who are at school or college should look quite similar to the kind of thing grown-ups wear to the office. Nothing too fancy, but still smart enough to make you look respectable and hard working. If you are at sixth form college and are allowed to wear your own clothes at school, this doesn't really apply, however, it does make sense to wear skirts, dresses or trousers that aren't too outrageous. After all, you're there to learn, rather than show off your newest fashions.



Many schools prefer plain white shirts or blouses as part of their uniforms and most retailers that sell teen clothing online or on the high street will stock a good selection. Starched collars with inserts to keep their shape will help you look smart at all times and mixed material or cotton is usually quite easy to iron, so you won't stand out as that person who looks like they've just rolled out of bed. Avoid logos or patterns on school friendly teen clothes as most teachers will notice this and you will have to buy something else. For hygiene reasons, it’s best to change your shirt daily, whether you are a boy or a girl, so try to make sure that your collection of teen clothes for the school includes at least 5 of these garments, one for each school or college day of the week.



As the weather starts to get a little colder, you will probably want to start wearing something warm over your shirt. The majority of schools and colleges in the UK require their students to wear either an official school jumper or something that is in one particular colour. Wool jumpers can be very warm and long-lasting, which makes them a good choice for winter months and cardigans can also be a decent option as they can be unbuttoned if you get too hot. For those who are in the sixth form or schools with no uniform policy, a hooded top may be acceptable, but it makes sense to avoid anything with outlandish logos or bright, garish colours. Keep your super trendy teen clothes for showing off in your spare time, rather than for wearing on an everyday basis. This will make them seem all the more special when you do get a chance to wear them and you'll look like a young professional, even while you're still studying.

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Coats and jackets don't have to be quite so formal and many schools will allow most styles of outerwear, as long as they aren't inappropriate or offensive in any way. A waterproof, warm coat is always a good investment at the start of the school year and every teen clothing collection should have one. Though you might not need it during the warmer months of September and October, as the weather starts to turn, you will be thankful of that insulation on the playground or on your walk home. Jackets that have hoods and that provide protection from the elements are usually the best choice as a daily use coat and whether you are male or female, spending a little more on a good quality, long lasting garment is generally a better option than going for the cheapest thing you can find.