Music Influence On Teen Fashion - The Teen Tribes
Music Influence On Teen Fashion - The Teen Tribes

Music Influence On Teen Fashion - The Teen Tribes

Music Influence On Teen Fashion - The Teen Tribes

For decades, teenage clothing has been linked to music, arts and culture. Since the rock and roll era of the 1950s, young people have chosen their clothes to represent the sounds they enjoy the most.

Not much has changed and even in today’s fractured world of multiple sub genres and categories, the music of the minute always has a heavy influence on teen clothes. UK retailers are especially well known for offering a range of styles that represent the whole spectrum of music. Whether you like to stick to one style or to take in a little bit of everything, today’s clothes for teens, including here at will allow you to express yourself to the maximum. Here are some of the more commonly known musical genres that have their own unique style.

  • GOTH

The much-maligned subculture is probably older than your parents or even your grandparents, but it remains popular among those who love their teen clothes to stand out against the current trends. Black is the colour of choice and you will often find long dresses, stripey tights, studded collars and big chunky boots are popular choices among fans of bands like Nine Inch Nails, Evanescence and Metallica. Accessories can be a huge thing for teen clothes with a Goth flavour, especially for girls. Bags, chokers, jewellery and scarves often feature spikes or studs as well as motifs of skulls or pentagram shaped stars. Goths also love their teenage clothes to be fun and you will often find popular motifs such as Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas or other famous, dark characters are emblazoned on T-Shirts, Hoodies and Jackets. Within the Goth subculture there are actually many different sub styles including cyber goth, traditional and alternative. If this is your style, it can be worth spending some time researching the details as this can make all the difference to the overall quality of your outfit.


From the days of NWA and Public Enemy to Drake and Jay Z, the world of hip hop music continues to have a huge influence on trendy teen clothes across the globe. Old Skool hip hop style often features big gold chains, extra-large T-Shirts or hoodies and of course, trainers that are so clean and fresh looking they look like they’ve never been worn. Modern day hip-hop style is more complex. Thug style du rags are common in the USA but not quite as popular in teenage clothes shops in the United Kingdom. UK hip-hop and grime stars love their tracksuits and big jackets, it could be the weather, but it could also be that roadman and rude girl image that goes hand in hand with this scene. This is true whether you are a boy or a girl and providing you have the attitude and swag to carry it off, you can get away with sporting plenty of labels and logos at the same time. Just make sure that you don’t overdo it and start looking like you’re a walking advert.


Starting way back in the early 1980s, this music is all about jangly guitars, haircuts that time for- got and the kind of casual, care free look that gave people like Liam Gallagher and Ian Brown the living legend status they enjoy today. Big parkas can be great for a retro 90s look and super skinny jeans can be a good option if you want to inject a little bit of early 2000s Rockstar attitude in to your look as well. Low profile trainers and understated colours are usually the choice for teen clothes that represent the indie music scene, but like any style choice, there is always a little bit of room for flexibility. Retro tracksuit tops are popular with both boys and girls who want their teenage clothes to look a little more grown up and classic baseball boots or even brogues will make outfits look less like you’re on the way to the bus stop and more like you’re going to a gig.

  • EDM

It’s loud, it’s chaotic and its fans wear some of the most outrageously bright and colourful teenage clothes ever. DJs like Steve Aoki and Hardwell gather hundreds of thousands of fans at festivals and nightclubs every year and they all know how to dress for a party. For girls, brightly coloured shorts, skirts and tight-fitting trousers can work well with small tops as well as looser fitting shirts with busy, unusual patterns. For boys, tighter T-Shirts or even a V-neck style design can look good with fitted or boot cut jeans. The name of the game is partying and having fun and when it comes to the fashion that has come from this relatively new but incredibly popular genre of dance music, teenage clothes and adult garments are both characterised by the positive vibes and high energy this scene knows and loves.

  • POP

Though it is the most well-known musical genre, its fashion is anything but ordinary. Take a look at the outrageous and challenging outfits you see Lady Ga-Ga, Beyonce & Miley Cyrus wearing on stage and you’ll realise that they’re anything but normal. Not everybody can afford designer dresses and custom-made jewellery, but many pop fans love nothing more than recreating their favourite idol’s incredible style by using cheap teenage clothing to get a similar effect, have a look at our collection here. For those who love fashion, musicians and singers are also icons of the style world and pop is usually at the cutting edge when it comes to new ideas. Copycat outfits get old pretty quick but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with taking some influence from the world’s most successful singers, songwriters and performers when you’re putting together your collection. When it comes to finding out who is wearing what, the internet is definitely your friend. Whether it’s a big-name sponsor or perhaps even a simple high-street ensemble, buying teen clothes that are influenced by the world of pop is usually a great way to stay bang on trend.