Jeans Are More Than Just Denim – How To Find The Perfect Pair
Jeans Are More Than Just Denim – How To Find The Perfect Pair

Jeans Are More Than Just Denim How To Find The Perfect Pair

Jeans Are More Than Just Denim – How To Find The Perfect Pair

Jeans has been in Vogue since the 18th century. People wear jeans for style, fashion, and daily casual use. Today there are many designer jeans available from prominent brands that have made the mark in the society.

Jeans can be a girl's best friend - or her worst nightmare. With so many different fits out there in the jeans market, finding the right one for your body type can be a complicated process of trial and error. There are classic fit jeans, skinny jeans, boot cut, trouser cut, straight cut, bell bottom - but which looks best with your figure? All girls want to have at least a couple of pairs of great-fitting jeans in their wardrobe, no matter the season. Jeans are trendy and classic at the same time.

When most girls find one pair of jeans that they love, they will keep them until they are threadbare because finding the perfect pair of jeans (you know, the ones that make your butt look good) seems to be a fleeting experience. Many girls know that nothing is worse than a pair of jeans that doesn't fit just right; Girls fear the embarrassing "camel toe" that occurs when the rise of the jeans is too short or jeans that make their backsides appear too large. Jeans that does not fit right is always a bad idea, and if they sag too much around the hips or make you feel like you are suffocating because they are too tight in the waist, a pair of jeans that are "off" when it comes to fit are destined for the back of the closet.

Finding the perfect girls jeans. So, what a girl to do? 

Let's start deciphering the mystery of the perfect pair of jeans by looking at the basic cuts that you will encounter when you go shopping.


  • Bootcut


Many teen girls adore boot cut jeans and with good reason. This style of jeans looks good on all kinds of female shapes, especially if you bother to measure your height (from the straddle of your jeans to the button) before purchase. A boot cut will slightly hug the thighs and hips and flare a bit at the foot. Not as wide as bell bottom cuts and not as relaxed as flares, women of all sizes, shapes, and ages can wear this flattering cut.


  • Classic cut


We only include the classic cut in this list as a warning for you to avoid it. If you pick up a pair of classic cut jeans, drop them immediately and run the other way. Classic cut jeans are also known as "mom" jeans and are very unflattering. Classic cut bulge very clearly along the hips and slims down towards the leg, which naturally draws the eye to your midsection - which is an area that most folks don't want to have extra attention on. This cut is mainly for the grand mothers or the oldies, it is not for the modern woman.


  • Flare


Flare jeans are perfect for tall girls because the cut has the appearance of making one appear shorter. For this same reason, if you have a petite frame, do not go for a flare leg or cut. Beware of the "trouser cut" that is actually a flare leg in disguise. On the extreme side of flare, cuts are the bell bottom, which is best if left in the seventies where it originated from.


  • Straight cut


If you are a petite girl, then the straight cut may be for you. This cut is straight from the bottom of the hip and down to your foot. Girls with short legs will find that the straight cut adds an elongated look to the leg. On the flip side, if you are tall, stay away from the straight cut unless you want to look taller. Hey, some people are of the school of belief that a woman's legs can never, ever be too long. Women of all shapes can usually go with a straight cut; it's a personal choice for taller women.


  • Skinny jeans


The most popular jeans right now are skinny jeans, although the history of the skinny jean tells us that it can come in and out of style like the blowing of the wind. This may be because the skinny jean is definitely not for every girl - or even for most girls. The skinny jean will hug all the curves that you have, from your ankle up to your hip and everywhere in between. For some girls with perfect legs, skinny jeans are the "bomb." Most girls, however, do have some flaws somewhere in the leg region, whether it is thighs that are a bit too fat or extra weight in the hips. Unless you'd be comfortable with your figure if you were wearing a spray-painted version of denim, then skip the skinny jeans.


A good rule of thumb for girls to use when buying jeans is to not worry so much about what other people think - and to go with what makes them feel good about themselves.


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