How To Save Money On Teen Fashion And Still To Look Good
How To Save Money On Teen Fashion And Still To Look Good

How To Save Money On Teen Fashion And Still To Look Good

How To Save Money On Teen Fashion And Still To Look Good

Everybody loves a bargain and even if you don't have the kind of money that celebrities and rock stars have to spend on teen clothes, you can still put together a wardrobe to be proud of if you're careful. The chances are, you've heard your parents or other adults saying that money is pretty tight at the moment and that is the case for a lot of people. That doesn't mean, it's time to start ignoring fashion, though. This guide explains how you or your parents can save money on teen fashions. Great clothes don't have to be expensive, all it takes is a little perseverance and clever thinking.


  • Always compare prices online


This is something most people do without even thinking about it, but there are still some shoppers out there who will accept the first price they see when searching for a particular garment. Always shop around and take the time to compare how much that hoodie or pair of jeans costs in different stores. Buying teen clothes online means you can do this very easily with just a few keystrokes and the click of a mouse. You can also do this when buying clothes for teens on the high street, too. Taking the time to walk between shops and check out the price difference means that you will be able to get the most for your money, instead of getting ripped off.


  • Pay for quality materials, not names


It's always nice to wear labels that people recognise, but they aren't always the best value in terms of quality. If you're looking for a new dress for the end of year prom or a new hoodie for when you're out and about with friends, try looking at some of the lesser known makes to see what their products are actually like. If you see things like 100% cotton or double stitched for strength, the chances are, you've found a decent quality garment. Though you might enjoy the buzz of people recognising the name on your sweatshirt, if it starts to fade or fall apart after just a few wears, you will wish you bought something else. Wearing good quality, well-made teen clothes will always be a better idea than wearing something purely because it’s made by a famous brand. Here at Teenzshop, we are proud to sell only high-quality garments at affordable prices, click here to visit our store.


  • Prioritise Your Garments


If like many people, you and your family are a little short on cash, try to think smart about how you're going to dress. Clothes for teens don't always have to be super expensive or even super stylish, especially if nobody is going to see them. Things like joggers, pyjamas and undergarments needn't be particularly expensive and certainly don't need to be branded. The same could be said for things like shorts or clothing that you only wear occasionally for sports or P.E. Focus on things like T-Shirts, Hoodies, tops and jeans as these are often what people notice first when they see you. Teen clothes wardrobes should always have at least one good pair of trainers or shoes, too. As you wear them every day, it's worth spending a little more if you can.


  • Mix and Match Old and New


Faded old T-Shirts or garments with holes in them are definitely not recommended for wearing while out in public, but they can be fine for sleeping in or just wearing around the house when you're relaxing. Some hard-wearing clothes like jeans can actually last a long time, providing you don't grow out of them, so if you have a new T-Shirt or zip up hoodie, don't fret too much about building a complete, new outfit. Be honest when clothes are getting a little worn and out of shape, but if you have a particular jacket that has lasted a while and still looks good, wasting money by buying a new one for its own sake would be a silly idea. Great teen clothes stand the test of time, so combine your old favourites with your brand-new purchases to ensure you have a unique and striking look.


  • Sales Sales Sales!


Beware of things that seem a little too cheap as they are often reduced for a good reason. (Nobody really wanted them at full price.) Saying that, sales can be a fantastic way of saving money when it comes to buying teen clothes. Items from last season, the last few garments in a particular range and slight seconds are often significantly marked down in price, making them just a fraction of their original price. Be honest about whether you're buying something because you like it, rather than just because it's cheap and you can't go far wrong with bargain hunting in the sales. High Street shops are often great places to try as they often have special offers that aren't available to shoppers who only buy teen clothes online. Websites do also have sales, though, so don't worry if you don't live close to any actual fashion outlets or clothes shops.


  • Avoid the fads


Fashion fads come and go very quickly and if you want to save money, the best approach is to try and ignore them entirely. Long lasting, classic trends like the parka jacket or the low profile, tennis style trainer will rarely go out of fashion, but tacky accessories and novelty outfits definitely will. Try to focus on teen clothes that will last you six months to a year at least, that way your collection will remain contemporary and cool, without you having to resort to following fads that only last a few weeks. For girls, this can be particularly difficult, especially when it comes to accessories like bracelets and pendants. You will thank yourself for keeping the non-essentials to a minimum, though, so focus more on your core garments like dresses, shoes and tops.




It's all about shopping smart and taking your time. It is possible to build up a fantastically fashionable collection of teen clothes if you're patient and willing to make the effort when it comes to searching and comparing. Try our online store at We stock a wide variety of teen clothes for both boys and girls aged 9 to 16 years old.