How To Dress Your Age When You Are A Teenager
How To Dress Your Age When You Are A Teenager

How To Dress Your Age When You Are A Teenager

How To Dress Your Age When You Are A Teenager

When it comes to fashion, there are very few actual rules these days and as long as you’re happy with what you’re wearing, you can choose whichever teen clothes make you look and feel your best. It is important to remember that sometimes our comfort zones and the things we’re familiar with aren’t always the best choices, though.

For adults, dressing as if you’re much younger than you really are can make you look a little silly and the same can be said for children and teenagers. When you buy clothes for teens, online retailers usually have an age guideline for a reason, so it makes sense to take notice if you can. You might not have one in your school or college, but most places will have that one person who dresses like they’re on the way to a business meeting instead of a maths lesson. You probably also know one or two people who still look as if their parents dress them. Trendy teen clothes aren’t everything, but nobody wants to look like they’re still in primary school when they’re in their teenage years. This guide will give you a few tips on how to dress your age:


When you’re at primary school, you learn all about life, the world around you and how to be a better person. The clothes you wear are usually designed especially for kids, that means you can get them dirty while you’re playing outside or painting in the classroom and it doesn’t really matter. Though kids clothes are cute, they are made for children, not teenagers. As a young adult who is starting to understand the world of fashion, don’t be afraid to dress the part, too. Clothing for teens is available to suit every taste, so unless you want to stand out as the person who still has a lot of growing up to do, it’s best to leave your kids outfits in the past where they belong.


Being a grown up is brilliant, you can drive cars, go on amazing holidays and even have kids of your own, but remember to try and enjoy the teenage years of your life if you can. Too many young people try to dress in a way that makes them look a lot older than they really are and it never really works. As your body is still growing and developing, trying to wear clothes that are designed for adults can make you look awkward and uncomfortable. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of style, especially for older teens, but don’t be that person who dresses like a middle-aged woman before you’ve even hit your 20s.


No man, woman or indeed teenager, is an island and by asking those around you if your dress sense is ok, you can get some useful guidelines on how to change your style if you need to.

Not everybody who criticises your choice of teen clothing will be right, but if you find that your friends are all saying that you should maybe consider ditching those cartoon T-shirts and velcro trainers, they may have a really good point. Don’t be afraid to be an individual but remember to take advice from time to time. You can also give your own opinions on your classmates’ choice of clothes, for teens, this can be a touchy subject so just remember to be polite if you do decide to share some home truths.


Although you might love the look of something Rihanna is wearing, you need to ask yourself if your frame size and shape could carry it off. There will be plenty of time for dressing up as you get older and rushing into buying the kind of teen clothes that aim to make you look much older than you are isn’t always a good thing. The same applies to boys, even if you have grown quite quickly, dressing in the kind of clothes that are made for 30-year-olds when you are 15 might seem sophisticated, but there aren’t really many teenagers who can pull this off. Instead, stick to teen clothes that are made for your age bracket specifically if you can. They will still make you look grown up and sharp, but you won’t look like you’re trying too hard. Check our online store here for clothes designed for tweens and teens at the age of 9 to 16 years old.


Some older men and women have a habit of trying to rekindle their youth by dressing clothes that are too tight, too baggy or just otherwise completely inappropriate for their age group. The opposite is true for younger people and when many of them buy teen clothes, UK children attempt to present themselves as fully grown, mature and responsible adult. Life is made to be enjoyed, so while you still can, enjoy wearing those wild and out there outfits. In the world of work, just like in school, a lot of people have to wear clothes they don’t really like, so whenever you get the opportunity to express yourself through the fashions and styles that mean something to you, grab it with both hands.


Fashion for teenagers is complicated at times, but it doesn’t have to be. The main aim is to try and move away from the functional but often very unstylish clothes of your early years while not trying to wear things that are obviously way too old for you. You don’t want to stand out because you look too young because it will make you feel out of place but at the same time, taking things too far in the other direction will make your teen clothes look wrong, too. The key is to think about balance. You’re not a kid, that much is obvious, but you’re also not quite an adult yet, so choosing clothes that represent both your maturity and your sense of fun and energy is generally the best way to go. Here at you can find everything you need from t-shirts and joggers to shoes and accessories for teenagers, designed to represent your true age.