How To Create A Whole New Wardrobe When You Need A Change
How To Create A Whole New Wardrobe When You Need A Change

How To Create A Whole New Wardrobe When You Need A Change

How To Create A Whole New Wardrobe When You Need A Change

When we're growing up, what we wear changes quite significantly over the years. When we're very young, teen clothes aren't really appropriate for us and most of the garments we use are designed for practicality rather than to look good. As we get older, we start to take an interest in fashion and teen clothing suddenly becomes more of a hobby for us. Our tastes can be defined by the music we like, the films we watch and even the video games we play. One thing is certain, though, the type of teen clothing we like will inevitably change over the years. You may even come to a point in your life when you look at your wardrobe and decide that you don't like anything in there at all. Though this sounds like quite a scary situation, it doesn't have to be. This guide explains what you can do when you suddenly realize that your whole collection of teenage clothes needs a dramatic overhaul.


Get rid of the garments you dislike


Some people find it really difficult to throw things away, even though they know they are never going to use them. Try to avoid this way of thinking if you can as it just means you will end up collecting things that you will never actually wear. You could give your old teen clothes to charity, pass them on to a younger sibling or in the very worst-case scenario, just throw them in the bin. This all sounds a bit brutal, but by getting rid of those embarrassing T-Shirts or badly fitting jeans, you are making room for the kind of teen clothing you genuinely want to wear. We are certainly not suggesting that you throw out your entire wardrobe all at once. Let's face it, you will need to make sure you have enough to wear each day, but there's no sense in hanging on to garments you have outgrown or just don't like very much anymore.


Make a list of what you need the most


Spending your whole budget on a limited-edition pair of Yeezys is not a great idea when you need to build up a whole wardrobe of teen clothes. Start by making a list of things you need the most. Things like T-Shirts aren't usually as important as winter jackets, shoes and hoodies, though it can be nice to treat yourself to one or two designer label products if you can afford to. When you have a list, start to think about the style you want. If you're bored of that rocker look, maybe consider going in a completely different direction and pick up some sports style clothing to try it out. If you're female, you might be tired of the traditional girly look and would like to create something a little more modern. If this is the case, swapping floaty dresses for jeans and leggings can be a good idea. The main thing to remember here is to include all of the essentials on your list. A wardrobe full of designer handbags, trainers and scarves won't be much use to you when it starts snowing or raining outside.


Buy Garments That Work Well Together


Try to think about full outfits, not just single items of teen clothing. That way, you can build up a collection that offers you options for every day of the week and also accounts for things like special occasions. Jeans are very versatile, so picking up a couple of pairs in slightly different styles can be a fantastic idea. Skinny jeans work well with fitted shirts and figure-hugging tops but can also look good with baggier hoodies and sweatshirts. Boot-cut or slightly flared jeans create a more relaxed look and work well with hipster or hip hop style ensembles. Basically, avoid buying items that you can only wear with one outfit if you can. Having one or two pieces like this is fine, but most people don't have enough money to buy teen clothes they will only wear a few times. Instead, think about how you can combine things like leggings, skirts and trousers with tops, cardigans and even dresses. You could even write down lists of the garments that work well together.


Look for inspiration


If you find yourself staring at wardrobe in disbelief because you don't really like anything in there, it's time to take an action. Think about how you want to look and what kind of teen clothes can make that happen. Put some effort into fashion and you will be rewarded, be lazy and try to copy people and you definitely won't. If your style is currently too smart and boring for you, look for teen clothes that are the total opposite. Brighter colours, bold designs and unusual fittings will provide a great contrast to simple, plain clothes. And is a great place to start with, our online store is full of inspirational, edgy, trendy teen clothes. For teens, inspiration is everywhere and whether you find it by looking online or by watching music videos, films and TV, remember to take notes on the kind of garments you like. Remember its ok to combine styles if you want to. You might like certain elements of the rock and roller style but also enjoy a little swag and bling, too. Just remember to move away from the old styles that you're bored with. Many people end up playing it safe and getting stuck with the same old style of teen clothes, even though they didn't mean to do this. Before you buy something, ask yourself, is this really what I'm looking for?


Don't have just one look


Try to mix it up a little if you can. That way, your wardrobe will feel a lot more varied. Pick up garments of different styles that you can combine to create a variety of eye catching outfits, that way, you are less likely to get bored or find yourself in a position where you don't like anything in your wardrobe.


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