The Holiday Checklist For Teenage Girls- What To Pack?
The Holiday Checklist For Teenage Girls- What To Pack?

The Holiday Checklist For Teenage Girls- What To Pack?

The Holiday Checklist For Teenage Girls- What To Pack?

If every time you pack for your Holiday gives you a headache, then this checklist and top tips are just for you.

We all get so excited about our long-waited Summer escape. And who wouldn't when living on our cloudy island, the UK, right? I am dreaming and constantly talking about it with my friends months in advance. Where I am going to, have they been there, and can someone give me some tips of nice places to visit or things to do. And then the moment comes.

Just picture me - standing in the middle of my room, my suitcase on one side and all the clothes, shoes, bags, jewellery, hats, gadgets I want to take (my list is long, believe me!) are out of my wardrobe, piled on the floor. If you are experiencing the same hassle how to pack and what to pack, then continue reading as I might have the perfect solution for you. Always work your way down the list as per the time of the day and the activities you plan.




  • Bikini or swimsuit


It is entirely up to your preference and body type. Always pick up at least two, though. After a long day under the Sun you might be too tired washing it for the next day, so it is a great idea to have two pairs at hand just in case. 

When choosing your swimwear for the beach though always try to choose similar cuts. Nobody wants to come back from a holiday and have striped tan here and there.


Here is a perfect example to show you what I mean: 

ruffles bardot swimsuit


You can successfully choose a bardot swimsuit with ruffles in red

striped and ruffles swimsuit

and as a second choice black and white stripes off-the-shoulder piece with a front bow. Similar cut but so different look. And ruffles are so trendy and flattering.

If you are more into bikinis - then opt for two colours assemble. If you select the correct colours you literally can mix and match them all the time. Packing two items, wearing four different outfits. It cannot get any better!


For more inspirations, just head over to our collection of Girls Swimwear.


  • Pool sliders


An on-trend swimwear requires trendy sliders. After all, for these everyone favourites "feet and toes" pics with the sea on the background, you definitely don't want simple, boring flip flops. You are allowed one pair for the whole holiday so go bold. Choose fashionable pool slides with glitter and cheesy slogans. These became extremely popular this season and here at Teenzshop we have them at the fraction of the price.

bish please slogan pool sliders

Check out our Bish Please Pool Sliders in Pink


left right slogan pool sliders

or our Left Right Glitter Pool Sliders in Black.

The good news is, such a pair of pool sliders can be successfully worn on a night out as it can complement an outfit for walking and exploring the resort during evenings.


  • Beach towel


Do some research first before you choose a towel. If you are beach rather pool girl (guilty as charged here lol), check if the place you are going to sunbath has sand or is covered with pebbles, check if there are beach beds you can rent, as based on all these you can opt for thin towel that takes minimum space in your suitcase or cotton, soft and thick one that will give you comfort while catching tan. You can always consider using the hotel towels, but they are usually plain white and definitely would not do any justice to your beach pictures. So, you might consider taking one of your own.


  • Sun protection and after sun lotion


This is a must. I personally prefer to bring one with me, as you never know what brands and what quality the sun lotions in the resort will be. Your skin is your treasure. Take the best possible care of it specifically nowadays when the ozone is getting thinner, the sun can cause serious damage to your skin. Consider after sun lotion to keep your skin fresh, moisturised and happy.  


  • The accessories - matching scarf, hat, sunglasses, beach bag


A matching scarf can be used in so many ways, either just to cover yourself while popping to the closest shop for ice-cream, or to cover your shoulders if the sun starts burning too much, wrap it around you as a beach dress and have a dozen of different shots for Instagram. Your imagination is your limit! 


When it comes to hats, some girls prefer baseball style caps but there is nothing more feminine and beautiful than a large floppy hat.


Girls sunglasses - my most favourite accessory. This will be your best friend during the whole holiday. If you breath and live fashion, you must have noticed the latest hot trend - heart shaped sunnies. They are not only cute but will set you apart wherever you go.


Finally, the beach bag. There are two practical options here depending on your style and preferences. A backpack that can be used on your day trips while sightseeing and most importantly as a hand luggage on the plane or a fabric shopping bag. 




If you are explorer and like sightseeing (I am Vitamin “sea” addict myself but never miss the chance to walk around and try local food, shop souvenirs, explore tourist-hidden places), you will need to pack some clothes for a nice long day in the resort.


  • Two pairs of shorts, skorts or skirts


You will need two pairs of denim shorts, or any other lightweight fabric shorts that are loose on you. By no means choose tight ones as these are so not good option for high temperatures. Alternatively, pack a pair of shorts and skorts or skirt. Denims though are versatile and can be worn with everything.


  • A couple of tops


Pack a mix of your favourite T-shirts or mix them with a bardot top, tank top or sports bra top or just bandeau, so every time you look different.


Whatever the style and the cut (cropped, regular or fitted, tight or oversized) try to choose pure cotton fabrics. Spending hours walking under the Sun in artificial fabrics can ruin the whole pleasure of the day out. So, leave at home all synthetic, extravagant pieces. Teen girls clothing stores online, including have plenty of cotton tops that are both fashionable, fun to wear and comfortable.


Just check few examples below:

blondie retro yellow t-shirt

Blondie Vintage Yellow T-shirt

Brunette Retro Brown T-shirt

Brunette Vintage Brown T-shirt

Ciao Stripe Holiday T-shirt

Ciao Stripe Holiday T-shirt


  • A bum bag or cross-body small bag


Finally, for all the small essentials you need all the time – phone, lip balm, mirror, small tube of sun lotion, hair elastics, money etc. a small bum bag or cross-body one that is not on your way all the time, is absolutely sufficient.




Consider at least two more dressy outfits. This can be floral summer dress or embellished bodycon piece or a jumpsuit. Pack a comfortable pair of wedges that you can combine with all the above outfits and of course a final touch – the jewellery. Oversized bright colour earrings, drop or lasso necklaces are huge now on the girls jewellery market!


Don’t forget to pack a cardi or lightweight jacket as evenings near the sea can get really chilli. I personally always take with me a pair of long jeans additionally. I find them the most comfortable piece to wear on the plane and if combined with the right bandeau or fitted top, make the perfect disco look, as well.




Of course, don’t forget your passport, interesting book/Kindle, your headphones (I cannot live without these!), charger and adaptor (the latter very important), underwear and cosmetics.


Should you still be unable to fit all the above in your own suitcase, try to bribe your little brother. For a tenner he gladly lets me accommodate some of my staff with him Lol.