Festival Fashions for Teens - What To Wear on a Festival?
Festival Fashions for Teens - What To Wear on a Festival?

Festival Fashions for Teens - What To Wear on a Festival?

Festival Fashions for Teens - What To Wear on a Festival?

As the summer comes to an end, another season of festivals waves goodbye for another year. Whether you go to small festivals with your parents or perhaps larger events with a group of your friends, the chances are you've thought about what you should wear. In the UK, the weather can be unpredictable, so teen clothing for festivals needs to be adaptable. If you've ever been in the middle of a great performance by one of your all-time favourite bands only to get soaked by an unexpected downpour, you'll understand how important it is to get festival clothes for teenagers right the first time. This guide will help you avoid the pitfalls and give you a few ideas about what to wear next time you plan to spend your weekend dancing in a big field with thousands of other people.


Wellington Boots


Yes, Wellies. There aren't many other times you would wear these sturdy but rather heavy style of waterproof boot unless you happen to live somewhere that gets a lot of snow but during festival season, they're essential. They don't have to be boring old green either, there are now a range of brightly coloured and decorated wellington style boots that are custom made to keep you looking fabulous while you're enjoying a festival. When it comes to choosing designs and colours be brave, the crazier and brighter the better. Not only will you look the part, but your friends will always be able to find you in a crowd.


Light Waterproof Jackets


Though the occasional downpour is pretty commonplace during the British summer time, the temperatures are rarely cold enough to warrant breaking out those big, chunky winter jackets. A light, waterproof jacket that folds up nice and small is another essential piece of festival friendly teen clothing that should be in your collection. Try to look for designs that include a small bag that you can store the jacket in while you aren't wearing it. These can be hooked on to a belt or carried with you without taking up too much space, leaving you free to enjoy the music, sights and sounds around you.


 Flip Flops


If you're lucky enough to end up at a festival that enjoys bright, blazing sunshine, you'll need to keep your feet cool, rather than stuffing them in to a sweaty pair of boots. You can pick up flip flops for boys as well as girls from most teen clothes shops online and on the high street and they aren't usually expensive. Great for wearing in the shower or on your way to fill up a water bottle, these functional and light pieces of festival footwear might not be ideal for wearing in the rain, but they're perfect for long, hot sunny days full of music and dancing.


Vests and Sleeveless Tops


For the boys, its “sun's out, guns out.” Over the past five years or so, the vest top has become popular among males as well as females. They keep you cool and are nice and light to carry in a rucksack, so they're perfect for wearing on warm days at your favourite festival. For girls, vest style tops have been popular for decades, but strappy, loose fitting garments are now very common among those who like their style to have a little bit of a hippy edge to it. Colours are great, but you can stay nice and cool by wearing something white or light cream as this will reflect the heat of the sun, rather than attracting it.

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Bucket Hats, Baseball Caps and Sun Hats


You must keep your head covered if you are going to be out in the sun for a long time and at many music festivals, sunburn and sunstroke can be a serious problem. Wide brimmed bucket hats are great for keeping the sun off and since the mid 1990s, boys and girls have been wearing this classic headgear to keep themselves looking and feeling cool. The trusty baseball cap can also be a great option, though you may want to switch it up and wear the backwards to protect your neck during the hottest part of the day. For girls, there are all kinds of sun hats available and you can choose from something regal and upmarket or something fun and functional.


The Hoodie


Once the sun goes down, it can get a lot colder, even in the summer. If you're camping, a hoodie is essential. This humble and understated garment will keep you warm and toasty when the temperature drops and if you opt for one with a fleecy hood, you'll be able to keep the cold evening out easily. Zip up hoodies are great as you can wear them like a light jacket on days that aren't really cold enough for a bigger coat. Most hoodies come with a sizeable front pocket as well, so you can store essentials like bottled water, mobile phone and first aid kid there if you need to.

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Socks and Undergarments


Always take more socks than you need as wet feet can make for a very miserable experience. Try to keep some dry socks separate from the rest of your stuff so that even if the unthinkable happens and your tent leaks, you're still able to at least travel home in relative comfort. No matter how many pairs you pack, always remember to change them daily, too as this will stop things from getting too smelly.


Backpacks and Rucksacks


A small rucksack is perfect for carrying around teen clothing essentials when you're at a festival. You can carry a spare pair of socks, some flip flops, sunglasses, hat and even a waterproof jacket without too much trouble. If you're somewhere large like Glastonbury, you probably don't want to be making loads of trips back to your tent during the day, so picking up a small and sturdy backpack with shoulder straps could provide the ideal solution. Most teen clothing shops online will have a section for bags and accessories, so before you head out to your first festival, make sure you're well equipped to have the best possible time.