Essential Fashion Accessories - Five Must Have Items
Essential Fashion Accessories - Five Must Have Items

Essential Fashion Accessories - Five Must Have Items

Essential Fashion Accessories - Five Must Have Items

Accessories are a staple part of fashion for teens, adults and everybody else who wants to create a great first impression with their choice of clothing.

Teen clothes, like adult fashion, come in many different styles, colours and sizes so whether you love the dark, mysterious world of Gothic influenced pieces or maybe the casual comfort and practicality of sports and streetwear, there will always be an accessory or two that you can use to set off your look. This article explains some of the must-have, essential fashion accessories that will go perfectly with teen clothes.

  • HATS

There are so many different types of hats to choose from when it comes to clothes for teens that it should take up more than one spot on our list. From the tried and tested snap-back to the retro bucket hat or even the cosy winter beanie, there is literally a hat for every type of style there is. Rockers and alternative kids often love wool, nylon or cotton skull caps as they’re popular with skateboarders, musicians and celebrities. Sporty types and those who love urban culture are often big fans of the baseball cap and many shops selling teenage clothing online, check, offer a wide selection of styles. From classic 5 panel hats to the retro dad cap style, this iconic fashion accessory is a casual classic that looks great with jeans, t-shirts, tracksuit bottoms and even some types of shirt.

Girls have even more of a choice of hats and unlike boys, they can also pick from a selection of formal hats for special occasions or perhaps light and floaty summer headwear. That’s not to say that girls can’t wear snap-backs, beanies and skullcaps, too. When it comes to trendy teen clothes, girls’ hats now come in as many versatile styles, designs and colours as boy’s do, so whether you’re an indie chick, a pop lover or just somebody who appreciates a great hat, this is one accessory you cannot do without.

  • BAGS

Once considered an accessory exclusively used by women and girls, the bag is now one of the main essentials for men and teenage boys, as well. From functional rucksacks that can double as fashion items to shoulder bags that ooze swag and street style, there is always a great selection in teen clothes stores around the country, you can visit our shop here. Choosing the right bag to go with your outfit is simple, just look carefully at the style and colour to make sure it matches with what you plan to wear. A shoulder bag can work with formal clothes as well as casual jeans and joggers whereas a sports bag will look best with tracksuits or street style clothes.

Depending on the outfit, girls looking for teenage clothes have a practically limitless selection of bags at their disposal. From clutch bags to traditional hand bags to cute rucksacks and backpacks, teen clothes from jeans and t-shirts to summer dresses and skirts can look amazing with the right kind of bag. Now that bags are seen as fashionable accessory for everybody it’s easy to forget they’re also super useful. You can save money on lunches by taking yours with you and ensure you never run out of charge by carrying a spare phone battery in your shoulder bag. So next time you’re choosing an outfit, don’t forget the bag.


Even though most of us carry phones and other electronic devices that can tell the time, watches are still considered one of the essential accessories for everybody. Chunky and bulky or small and discreet, the options are endless and the right watch to compliment trendy teen clothes will depend on your own individual style. Urban and sports style fashion looks great with retro digital watches or larger, sports style time pieces. Formal style shirts, trousers and dresses look better with understated, neutral pieces that have smaller leather or material straps. If you are a fan of big labels and top brands, most of the well-known sports and urban fashion brands produce watches that match the design and logos on their main product lines. Though it’s not for everybody, having your watch match your shoes, jacket and hat can be a very strong look indeed.


From big lenses that stand out to smaller, subtle shades that help you blend in, sunglasses can make or break any outfit, especially in the summer time. For the brave and those who like to really make a statement, sunglasses can even be worn in the colder months if they work well with a certain outfit. Snowboarding jackets, parkas and other large coats can look great with a pair of sunglasses and that Rockstar attitude will certainly get you noticed. Girls looking for something to brighten up their everyday teen clothing can use a small pair of dark sunglasses to get that classic vamp look or perhaps a pair of subtle, tinted glasses that match the colour of your watch or shoes. As with many things in fashion, the details matter when it comes to choosing sunglasses, so if you are looking for teen clothing online, make sure you check the size, style and colour to ensure they work well with your existing wardrobe.


A stylish wallet with great design can really set an outfit off. When buying teenage clothing online, UK shoppers should always check for great deals on essentials like this. Though it’s not something people see all the time, a wallet that matches your shoes, jacket or hat can add an extra touch of class to even the most everyday of clothing combinations. Many big-name labels now produce great looking products that share the same great design as their shoes, jackets and T-shirts, so finding wallets and purses that match with trendy teen clothes is easier than ever. If you prefer something a little more understated, perhaps a simple leather purse to go with your every teenage clothes for school or college, there are lots of stylish yet simple options for you. You could even choose a crazy coloured wallet that stands out. It might not match with your clothes, but you certainly won’t forget where you put it in the hurry.