Dressing For The British Weather - The Essentials
Dressing For The British Weather - The Essentials

Dressing For The British Weather - The Essentials

Dressing For The British Weather - The Essentials

In Britain, the weather can change by the hour, which means it can sometimes be hard to choose what to wear. Having the right kind of teenage clothing in your wardrobe is essential to make sure you can dress for the right season. Even the bravest ones wouldn't wear shorts in December and having only jumpers and hoodies during the summer months will make things pretty hot and uncomfortable. This is our guide to the essentials every young person should have in their collection, hopefully, it will help you when it comes to searching for teen clothes online.



The darkest, coldest part of the year and a time to make sure you're wrapped up as warm as possible. As far as teen clothing goes - for both boys and girls, a big, snuggly winter jacket, preferably with a hood, is a great investment. Many styles are available and parkas, bubble jackets and sport-related coats like snowboarding or ski jackets can be popular with both boys and girls. If you prefer something a little more formal or that might look good with school uniform or smart teen clothes, then a duffel coat or a plain fabric jacket that has a good insulating lining can be a good choice.

You lose up to 80% of your body heat through your head so keeping it covered when the temperatures drop is extremely important. A bobble hat, beanie or fleecy cap will keep your head warm and a pair of waterproof, insulated boots or shoes will make sure your feet don't get too cold. Hoodies are also great for the colder months, especially when worn over a vest or a T-Shirt for extra insulation. Though it certainly isn't the most glamorous of months in the UK, winter does still have its own style. Larger fitting garments that are made from insulating material in darker colours are generally preferred.



This time of the year is when everything starts to grow. Blossom appears on the trees and new shoots start to emerge in the ground. Though it can be sunny, there is also chill in the air until at least May, so having a selection of teen clothes to suit the changeable weather is always a good option. Things that are easy to take off and put back on such as jumpers, cardigans, zip-up hooded tops and light jackets can be great for the spring. Though the weather can sometimes be a little rainy, you can usually get away with trainers, rather than big sturdy boots. At this point, it’s probably best to avoid sandals or shoes that aren't waterproof, though, as those rainy days are often quite frequent.

For the sunny days, T-Shirts, jeans and joggers are great for playing sports outside. They will keep you warm enough to be comfortable, but you can still move around and get into the game without feeling too restricted. Brighter colours are often popular in this season, so choosing bold, patterned tops and trousers or skirts with a lighter shade of fabric is usually a good plan. 

Baseball caps can be worn on the warmer days of this season, but most people would advise you that you keep the trusty old beanie or bobble hat on standby for at least the first couple of months. Though daytimes can be warm, the evenings can still get very cold. In the later months, if you're lucky, you could even start wearing shorts, though this always depends on the temperatures. It has been known to snow in April, but it can also get quite warm as early as March.



This is often a favourite season for young people and teen clothing aficionados alike. Light, floaty summer dresses, flip-flops and sandals will keep the girls cool and also help them to look their best. Floral patterns or bright, cheerful colours are often firm favourites among trendy clothes fans who like their wardrobe to match the weather. Shorts and shorter trousers can also be worn with light, low profile trainers at this time of year. For boys, T-shirts and shorts are the easiest choices and with the range of designs now available, you can decide to go for a sporty look with football, rugby or even boxing shorts, or something a little different like denim, chords or even combat style shorts. Snapbacks and shades look great at this time of year, especially when the sun is blazing and light, running style trainers or even sturdy sandals are the best way to keep your feet looking and feeling cool.

Though everybody loves the sunshine, it is important to keep something waterproof in your summer teen clothing collection as thunderstorms and sudden downpours are not uncommon. A light cagoule or other water-resistant garment will ensure that you keep dry but will also prevent you from overheating.



Autumn is one of the most picturesque seasons of the year and like spring, potentially quite changeable when it comes to the weather. This is a time to gradually start putting on a few more layers. You can keep the summer wardrobe for the first part of September and even October in some years but be prepared to bring out the long sleeves as the temperatures drop. Long sleeved T-shirts, thinner hoodies are a good option at this time of year as it is often a little too cold for short sleeves but really not cold enough for a jacket. Browns, purples, greens and reds are good colour choices for both boys and girls as they will complement the natural shades that you see around. As the leaves start to change and the days get shorter, you might want to bring out the sturdy leather shoes and boots, as well. Games at break and lunchtimes while at school can often involve a lot of running around and you don't want to spoil your pristine white trainers by running straight through a muddy puddle.


So next time you or your parents are shopping for teen clothes online or on the high-street, try to think about the full year ahead and what you might need. Buying clothes out of season can often be a great way to save a little money while making sure that your wardrobe can withstand the weather.