Dress Like A Rockstar, Not A Poseur - Fashion Tips
Dress Like A Rockstar, Not A Poseur - Fashion Tips

Dress Like A Rockstar, Not A Poseur - Fashion Tips

Dress Like A Rockstar, Not A Poseur - Fashion Tips

Rock and Roll style looks great on anybody and you certainly don’t have to be famous to pull it off. Teen clothing with attitude and swagger is easier to find than ever and with more and more customers shopping for teenage clothing online than there are out in the streets, finding the perfect Rockstar ensemble is often just a few clicks away.

Having that Rockstar look is possible with today’s teen clothes but as the world starts changing, that know it all, entitled, poseur attitude is becoming less and less popular. Let’s face it, nobody really likes a show off, so you need to know how to dress like a superstar without looking like you’re trying too hard. Having great style is something most people interested in teenage clothes are looking for, but when you cross that line and end up in poseur territory, you know you’ve taken it too far.

What is a poseur?

A poseur is somebody who spends way too much time and effort on their appearance and who likes being the centre of attention a little bit too much. If we’re honest, everybody knows a poseur, especially when it comes to those who consider themselves connoisseurs of teen clothes. There’s nothing wrong with loving fashion and wanting to have that all-important Rockstar look but it’s important to understand how to avoid looking like you are trying to show off just for the sake of it. It’s great to get noticed because of your sweet style, it’s not so great when you get noticed because your attitude sucks.




What’s more rock and roll than a big, confident attitude? Trendy teen clothes will only go so far if you don’t have the confidence to wear them with style. If you can, try things on in front of the mirror and see how they make you feel. If you feel good, the chances are you, will also look great. A bright colour or unusual design can attract attention so be prepared to commit to your choice of garment and be proud of your unique and individual style. A big smile and good posture can make an outfit pop just as much as any accessory.


When you’re choosing clothes, for teens and anybody else who understands the importance of fashion, instinct is everything. If that pair of sunglasses with the neon snapback suddenly seem like they might be a bit too much for the house party you’re going to, they probably are. You can still stand out and look amazing but be honest with yourself about what makes you look like an up and coming superstar and what makes you look like you’re trying way too hard. Too much jewellery, too many accessories or colours that clash can scream “look at me” but can be overwhelming to look at for other people.


Are you really wearing that jacket or that T shirt because you like it? Or are you just trying to look like your favourite fashion icon. Everybody copies style sometimes, but to look good, you need to love what you’re wearing as much as everybody else enjoys seeing you in it. Use your favourite music and film stars for inspiration but try to put your own unique slant on their dress sense. Even cheap teen clothing can look amazing when combined with the right set of accessories or one or two key, designer pieces. Showcase your favourite brands with prominent logos on T shirts and hats but remember not to overdo it. It’s the little details that make your style what it is.


There’s an expression that is sometimes used when describing design or style - “Less is more.” In teen clothing, this is as true as it is anywhere else. One or two stand out garments such as a designer T-Shirt, cap or pair of shoes can be enough to elevate any outfit in to the level of rock superstardom. If you look at most of the top name celebrities, you will find that many of them choose quite understated or subtle fashion items, rather than dressing from head to toe in big name labels. Mixing designer brands with simple, every day, high-street fashion can be a great way to create a unique, individual style that has all the swagger and attitude of a Rockstar without being too over the top.


There are teen clothes available, including here at https://teenzshop.co.uk/ for all body shapes, all personality types and every possible trend you can think of, but it’s important to be as realistic as you can about what will suit you. If you have a larger frame size, avoid clothes that fit too tightly as they won’t look right on you. Instead, choose larger, loose fitting T-Shirts, jackets and trousers as these will still allow you to show off the latest designer labels and styles without making you feel self-conscious about your body. If you have a smaller frame size, choosing well fitted clothes can be great as they don’t look too big on you and compliment your natural shape. Whichever style you choose, confidence is key when searching for teen clothing online and if you feel good about wearing something that makes you feel like a rock star, go for it.