Celebrity Fashion Icons: A Style Guide For Young People
Celebrity Fashion Icons: A Style Guide For Young People

Celebrity Fashion Icons: A Style Guide For Young People

Celebrity Fashion Icons: A Style Guide For Young People

The world of music, sport and entertainment has always influenced fashion and for teenage clothing, adult garments and even children's clothes, the people we see on the stage or screen can be a great source of inspiration. With so many different styles available it can be difficult to know where to start. This is why many young people look to their heroes from the world of music, film or entertainment to get fresh fashion ideas. This quick guide talks about some of the best-known style icons and how to get their crowd-pleasing look.


Liam Gallagher

Once the front man for an Oasis and a living legend in the eyes of many people from the UK, the casual classics Liam wears are almost always a winner for boys and young men. He's known for his super cool fashion label “Pretty Green” and has the kind of effortless style that exudes confidence and swagger. For teenage clothing shoppers, designer labels may be a little too expensive but don't worry, you can still get his no-nonsense look at a fraction of the price.

You'll never see Liam in skate shoes or rocker style boots, he loves low profile trainers, well-fitted jeans, big parka jackets and tight-fitting T-shirts. That classic Mancunian style has never really gone out of fashion and if you add a pair of John Lennon style circle sunglasses or a chunky man bag as an accessory, you are well on the way to rocking that Gallagher look.



As the RnB queen of the Caribbean, RiRi is well known for her controversial fashion choices. Dressing like this international superstar takes some serious confidence and the kind of attitude that says, “I don't care what you think”. For trendy teen clothes aficionados who want to include a little bit of Rihanna's fire and glamour in their wardrobe without spending a celebrity-sized amount of money, a pair of 3 quarter length denim jeans or a denim skirt can be a great first step. She also loves her shoes, so strappy saddles with heels and big, chunky boots can be good choices to complement the rest of your outfit. 

This pop queen can dress for all occasions and isn't just about the glamour. You could certainly invest in one or two of her glamorous style dresses, but she also has a knack for making sweatpants, sliders and sports tops look absolutely amazing. The key to nailing Rihanna's look is confidence. If you believe you look good in what you're wearing, the chances are, so will everybody else.



The world of hip-hop has moved on a long way since the days of gold chains and huge sneakers and Drake is now considered to be something of a fashion icon in his own right. He loves baseball jackets, especially when worn over long-sleeved T-shirts. This look is casual but also looks a lot smarter than many other hip-hop fashions, so this kind of look may actually work quite well for school or college. His jeans are usually tight fighting or at least not too baggy. The Drake look is all about looking cool, refined and stylish, so avoid clothes that look sloppy or too casual. 

As one of the biggest selling artists of all time, this hip-hop aficionado also loves his trainers, so investing in a good quality pair of top branded street style kicks will be just the thing to set off your own look. When searching for deals on teen clothing, UK buyers should always try to compare prices before making a purchase as you can often find some great bargains if you spend some time looking around.


Ariana Grande

For girls who adore glamour, Ariana has to be up there with one of the greatest of all time. Her love of killer heels, cute skirts and tops make her one of the most well-known fashion friendly female performers in the world. When dressing down, you can get a little taste of the Grande style by choosing tight fitting, ripped jeans with a nice comfortable, baggy sweatshirt or maybe a smaller, crop top style garment. In summer months, denim cut-offs or small shorts can also help your teen clothing collection really pop.

If you're dressing up for a special occasion like a school disco or end of term party, Ariana is a great person to look to for inspiration. She loves short, silky dresses and also longer jumpers, worn over small shorts or skirts, ideally topped off with a pair of knee length boots or heels. Obviously, this kind of style isn't for everyday use, but it can be great to help you feel glamorous when you're not at school.



The undisputed king of YouTube has risen from a relative nobody to one of the most famous people in the UK and the USA. His style is all about reflecting his laid-back attitude. Trendy teen clothes lovers can easily adapt his style by picking up some skinny or carrot fit jeans and a couple of checked shirts. T-shirts and tops are usually either quite tight fitting or have a larger, round neckline, so investing in one or two garments with either v-neck or round necks can be a good plan if you want to achieve this style.

The name of the game when it comes to teen clothes that look like PewDiePie's is to look like you don't care that much about fashion. Keep it casual, relaxed and easy going. There's no need to spend big bucks on super expensive brands. Clothes for teens can be picked up relatively cheaply and assembling a collection of checked or patterned shirts, plain t-shirts, hoodies and jeans can be done without making your parents feel like they've got to get second jobs or re-mortgage the house. YouTube has made normal people famous which means that you don't have to try too hard to look great. Who knows, you might even be able to start your own channel one day.