Back To School Must-Haves: The Essentials CheckList
Back To School Must-Haves: The Essentials CheckList

Back To School Must-Haves: The Essentials CheckList

Back To School Must-Haves: The Essentials CheckList

Some kids hate waking up early in the morning, but they are probably excited about the first day of school. Nervous because of all the new things: new teachers and new friends. All these new worries last a little while. Kids are too much excited about their new clothes, new shoes, and all the new stationery.

Make sure you firstly make a list with back to school supplies. Try to create ways to connect schoolwork with fun to fascinate him/her. Supply them with all they need and watch them succeed academically!

To make it easier for everyone, it is good to have a back to school essentials checklist. The following is a comprehensive checklist:



Every kid needs good clothes when they are preparing to go back to school, and it is the right time to go through their wardrobe and get rid of anything that does not fit, or that is worn out or stained. Also, remember that being cool at school often is based on appearances, so make sure your child looks and feels their best. Also, make sure they have the clothes required by their school, this means a uniform, gym clothing, a jacket if it is chilly outside and so on.

Buy new clothes! Provide them with a fabulous wardrobe and get rid of all the stained and worn-out clothes. Make sure you buy those clothes in which your child feels comfortable and looks best. Browse our teen clothing store at where you can find a great selection of clothes for boys and girls aged from 9 to 16 years old. Does the school have a dress code? Are there specific things they can't wear? If yes, buy necessary clothes required by the school that is uniform and gym clothing.



School shoes! Do not forget to buy shoes. Your kid would love wearing cool shoes. Make sure the shoes you buy fit the school requirements. 

Some kids walk to school, some walk up to at the bus stop. So, having a good footwear should be a big part of your checklist. Your kids should have shoes that fit the school requirements. Many schools, for instance, don't allow flip flops, or any shoes without backs. The kids may also need a pair of shoes for their gym classes. Good shoes will help prevent injury or accident during physical education classes.



Writing material is essential. It includes pencils, pens, erasers, sharpeners as well as art materials like crayons, markers, and paints. Let your child choose the design. Help them find good writing materials. Make sure that your kids have memorable and comfortable first days in school by having them take their favourite supplies to school with them such as notebooks, pencils, a SpongeBob stationery set (including pencil pouch, eraser, sharpener, and ruler), a collection of SpongeBob pens, and a tin pencil cup. You can also choose to buy a Disney tinker bell pre-packaged school supplies that include roll markers and glitter glue along with pencils and pens.

While you could try and anticipate the school supplies, they will need for the year; a better option is to get the list provided by your school district. Every school provides lists of different supplies needed for all grade levels and often will supply these lists to local suppliers, such as Wal-Mart. So, if you can't find it on your school website, or did not get the list with the registration materials, you can usually get one at the store.



The schools may provide locks for the lockers for your kids, but they may also need locks for their school bicycles or bikes. Also, your kids may need locks for their backpacks or lunch boxes. So, make sure that your kids’ items are protected while they are in their school by buying locks for them.



Kids would undoubtedly need school bags when going back to school. Choose a bag that is not too heavy for your kid and does not hurt their back. Size and designs are extremely important. Try choosing a bag that has certain characters like Spider-Man or a Disney character printed on it if your kids love them. Allow your kid to choose. You can also buy a High School Musical Messenger bag if your kid is a high school musical fan. You will prefer those bags that provide durability and security. Try finding a backpack with your child name on it. You can also buy a waterproof bag that keeps books and paper dry. 

A child's backpack is a big part of who they are, especially when they are in elementary school. It is the one item they take to school with them each day, and that they always wear. So, it is an accessory worth spending a little extra on. Make sure you get one with chest straps, and that is the right size for their frame, so it sits where it is supposed to. 

Check our trendy selection of girls bags and backpacks here.



Kids need hydration. Water help them to be very sharp in class and will keep them healthy, and also protect them from the urge to snack on junk foods and sweets. We have designed the perfect water bottle which your kid will love to take to school as it is stylish and trendy.



Make sure that your kids are up to date on their immunizations, and records must be provided to the school, so call your doctor, get their shots done and get copies of the records.



Pick all the bright fun and trendy accessories for your kids. They love showing off the new duds or snazzy accessories. You can buy Disney Princess Brush, and Mirror set for your girl. You can also add a Disney Tinker bell LCD Digital watch in the KIDS BACK TO SCHOOL SUPPLIES list. It allows kids to build their confidence by keeping track of time and allow them to learn the importance of punctuality.

You may wish to include computers in your kids back to school supplies list.

The best part is to take your kids with you while shopping. Let your kids have some fun picking out their new supplies for the New Year. Try to get your kids thrilled about checking out all the new groovy stuff.