When To Say Goodbye To Your Old Teen Clothes
When To Say Goodbye To Your Old Teen Clothes

When To Say Goodbye To Your Old Teen Clothes

When To Say Goodbye To Your Old Teen Clothes

Like most young people in the UK, you probably have a fairly extensive collection of clothes. For teens, the garments we choose help us express ourselves and demonstrate who we are as people. Most of us are still growing and developing, though, so things get too small, they fade in the wash and sometimes just stop appealing to us because our tastes change. From an adult perspective, buying clothes for teens is something many parents, grandparents, uncles and aunties do on a regular basis. Sometimes they get it right and we end up with just what we wanted and other times, we need to tell ourselves that it’s the thought that counts. (Not everybody understands fashion, let’s be honest.) This is our guide on when to be honest with yourself and get rid of your old teen clothes.


Clothes That Are Too Small


It can be difficult and sometimes even a little bit emotional when it comes to saying goodbye to a favourite T-Shirt or top, but when it looks so tight on you that you can't really move around properly, it's time to bite the bullet and be honest. The same goes for trainers and shoes. Even if you love them, wearing footwear that is too small can actually damage your feet and cause problems in later life, so don't be tempted to hand to a pair just because they look good on you. Looks are important, but so is comfort and safety. If you happen to be growing very quickly, which does happen for a lot of teenagers, consider passing your clothes on to a younger sibling, cousin or even donating them to a charity shop. If you're getting rid of garments you can't wear because they don't fit, there's no reason that somebody else can't enjoy your excellent taste trendy teen clothes.


Faded or Damaged Clothes


Sometimes when we find a hoodie or a T-Shirt we love, we end up wearing and washing it so much that it becomes a little battered and lifeless. The colours tend to fade over time and the general wear and tear of teenage life means holes and rips can occur quite easily, especially in clothes that are more than a year old. Though old and worn out teen clothes are fine for bed or just hanging around the house on a lazy Sunday, try to avoid wearing them when you're out and about it. You don't always have to look smart but older clothes can make you look a little bit scruffy and as if you haven't really made the effort. In some circumstances, it is possible to breathe new life into old or faded garments, especially things like jeans or chords. Rips and tears can look pretty stylish in this type of trouser, though it will only really suit those who like the punk rock, edgy style of teen fashion.


Clothes that you hate


This can be a touchy subject, especially for family members, but the chances are that you have been given an item of clothing as a present on more than one occasion. Sometimes, even though they have the best intentions, our family will give us the type of teen clothes we just could not be seen wearing out of the house. The thought counts for a lot and we should always be grateful, but always be honest with yourself about garments that make you feel uncomfortable. If that brightly coloured, itchy Christmas jumper or that novelty hat your gran bought you when she was on holiday would probably look better on somebody else, don't be afraid to get rid of it.


Clothes that make you look younger than you are


For many adults, looking a little younger can be a good thing, but for most teenage clothing enthusiasts, the opposite is true. Older teens are usually interested in sporting a grown up, sophisticated look, rather than one that makes them appear as if they've just stepped out of primary school. Everybody matures at different rates and there are certainly no hard and fast rules when it comes to making decisions like these but be honest with yourself about whether or not you really need those cartoon character T-Shirts and velcro shoes any more. The chances are that you probably don't. Growing up too fast is never a good thing and enjoying your childhood is important but try to keep an eye on the clothes you wear and what they say about you. If you're aiming for a trendy look, avoiding anything that looks like it’s made just for kids is a very good move.


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Clothes you regret buying


Fashion can be full of fads and sometimes, even the most discerning of teen clothes shoppers gets taken in by clever marketing and flashy advertising schemes. What was the absolute pinnacle of teen fashion six months ago, could now have become so unpopular that nobody would be happy to be seen wearing it in public. If that's the case with some of your wardrobe, be brave, be honest and accept that we all make mistakes. Somebody may have a use for those trainers with lights in the soles or that TV series themed T-shirt that you're sick of seeing, so pass on your unwanted stuff to those less fortunate or perhaps a family member or friend. Fashions come and go and there aren't really any rules, so if you have found that your tastes have changed, trust your instincts and remove anything that doesn't suit you or make you feel good.




It's always good to have an extensive collection of teen clothes to choose from but it's also important to keep your wardrobe fresh and full of things you genuinely want to wear. If you regularly take stock of what's working for you and more importantly, what isn't, you should be able to ensure that everything you have in your collection suits your style and personality. As we have said, don't be afraid to pass on your old clothes to people less fortunate than you or even a younger sibling. Just because you haven't used them doesn't mean they can't make someone else happy, too.

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