Understanding Teen Fashion – Creating Identity
Understanding Teen Fashion – Creating Identity

Understanding Teen Fashion Creating Identity

Understanding Teen Fashion – Creating Identity

Fashion can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be something reserved for adults. Teen clothes define who you are and what you wear is closely linked to your personal identity. Whether you are somebody who enjoys showing off in all the latest trends or somebody who has more of an alternative style, the clothes you choose say a lot about the person you really are.



Clothes are more than just things that keep us warm or dry, they define who we are and the things we love. Whether it’s sport, music, art or a little of all three, teenagers have always expressed their passion through the style they choose to adopt. Teen clothes are so important because at this time in our lives, we need to express ourselves and show off who we really are. Things have changed so much in the past 50 years and there is so much cheap teenage clothing available online or in discount high-street stores, that even if you are on quite a small budget, it is still possible to create an individual and powerful look that can leave a lasting impression on anybody who sees it.



There are so many things that influence teen fashion, music, television, films, sports and even art can all have a huge effect on the styles, colours and designs that are used in teenage clothes. UK teenagers are smart, they know what they like, and they understand where the cultural influences come from. From hip hop to grime, rock to dub step, the fashions of the different music scenes play a huge part in the way teenage clothing looks. The popular labels and styles worn by famous artists and singers are often a huge part of any self-respecting music fan’s wardrobe. Some of the most successful artists even have their own clothing labels. Rihanna, Katy Perry, Jay-Z and many others have successfully moved from the world of music in to the world of clothes for teens.

Choosing the right pair of trainers, the best jacket or the most up to date T-Shirt design is something that many people take for granted when selecting clothes for teens. These decisions are so important to people who care about fashion, though. Being seen in shoes that are associated with the rock scene, the punk scene or the hip-hop scene can sometimes be as important as the musical knowledge that goes with it. In many ways, the trends and fashions of teen clothing are tribal in their nature. Though some people choose to mix a little hip-hop style with some classic rock chic, the personalities, cultural tastes and shared beliefs of young people are often strongly reflected through the clothing they decided to wear.



Teenage clothes aren’t made for the catwalk, they’re made for real life.

Though every teen will love clothes that look great, they also need them to be hard wearing and long lasting, so they can use them at home, out with friends or at school or college. Fashion and function aren’t separate concepts anymore and you can find the kind of specific style that suits you and your friendship group without having to compromise on the quality or the material used in the garments. Urban and street style takes a lot of influences from sporting equipment, which is why trainers are so comfy and why those big jackets and snugly hoodies keep us so warm in cold days. Sometimes little details like the collared T-Shirt, often worn by footballers and other sports professionals, will find their way into fashionable teenage clothing. Though most people won’t wear this kind of garment on the football field, it’s nice to have a little touch of air that gives a nod to the influences that created it.



Identity is linked to clothing for teens, UK based young people are especially aware of how their personal style affects their overall image. The right pair of trainers, type of hoodie or tracksuit top can make all the difference when dressing for a special occasion or a just a day of chilling with friends. Some groups enjoy wearing similar brands or styles when they are out together as this can create a sense of unity in the group. Since the early days of break dancing and hip-hop culture, many people have dressed in outfits from the same few famous labels to identify them as belonging to part of that movement. Others like to challenge each other with different styles and colours. Some rappers are particularly well known for having bespoke, branded clothes made for them and will even release some of their own unique styles to the public.

The alternative and rock music scenes also have a huge influence on clothes for teens and many groups will dress to impress each other or make a statement. Certain types of sweatshirt or hooded top are preferred by those with a Gothic influence on their fashion sense and accessories such as bags or hats can also take on elements of rock and roll style that sets them apart from more mainstream or traditional items.



This one is totally up to you and there aren’t really any rules when it comes to teen clothes. You can mix a little bit of smart with a little bit of casual if you like the way sports professionals look when they aren’t playing. You could mix classic urban style trainers with a rock or metal look by combining them with a dark coloured hoodie or open checked shirt. If you are looking for tried and tested fashionable teenage clothing, UK based enthusiasts will be able to find every possible style online, including here at https://teenzshop.co.uk/Road man to indie kid, party girl to rock chick, there are really no limits. Depending on who you are and what you love, you can stick to the brands, labels and designs that define your sub culture, or you mix things up. There is no right or wrong answer and the main thing is to make sure the clothes you wear allow your personality and your identity to shine through.