Top Teen Fashion Faux Pas To Avoid At All Costs
Top Teen Fashion Faux Pas To Avoid At All Costs

Top Teen Fashion Faux Pas To Avoid At All Costs

Top Teen Fashion Faux Pas To Avoid At All Costs

Let’s face it, the world of teenage clothing can be a mine field at times and getting it wrong can label you as somebody who just doesn’t have a clue about fashion. Here’s a list of the top teenage fashion faux pas to avoid at all costs.


We all love a big brand and some of us even like to match the logo on our T-shirt with the trainers we’re wearing, but when it comes to teen fashion, too many logos are not a good look. Wearing one brand from head to toe might work for certain hip-hop artists but you need to be honest, as a teen, clothes matter, but can you really carry off the label lover’s look without it looking a little bit too much? Not many people can, so make sure you’re trying things on when browsing the teenage clothes shops. UK retailers usually have staff on hand who can ask for a second opinion, so don’t be afraid to do this.


For some people, their choice of teenage clothing is a bit more than a matter of keeping themselves warm and dry but even those who don’t really care about fashion should try to avoid looking like they’ve been dressed by their grandparents. Drab, boring teenage clothes can make you stand out for all the wrong reasons and though you might not be the type of person to queue up for hours the next set of celebrity endorsed trainers, what you wear still matters. Even a collection of carefully chosen cheap teenage clothes can elevate your look from dull and drab to seriously on point.


There’s no doubt about it, when it comes to teen clothes, the hippy look can be a great way to show off tie dye patterns or colourful contrasts, but you need to make sure you avoid clashing too much. Wearing too many contrasting colours can make your clothing seem to shout, which isn’t always a good thing. Try to keep colours to a maximum of 3 if you can, as any more than this will make your outfit looked confused. Though trendy teen clothes can often be pretty unusual and very brightly coloured, mixing bright greens with garish oranges is a look that very few people, if any, can pull off successfully.


Let’s be honest, a little retro style can go a long way when used carefully as part of your teenage clothing ensemble, but if you overdo it, you could end up looking like an extra from a TV show set in your parent’s generation.

Though a vintage jacket from a charity shop or a classic 60s style handbag can look great with certain styles of teenage clothes, online bloggers and magazine journalists would never recommend sourcing your whole outfit from second hand clothes. A good compromise is to look for vintage styles with a modern twist when looking for clothes; for teens in particular, those little modern twists to the classic tracksuit top or the parka can make all the difference. So, although retro styling is almost always trendy, teen clothes matter and it’s the little details that can really make a garment stand out.


When you’re young, what you wear matters. Nobody wants to be remembered for being that person who always wore boring colours or drab designs but don’t be tempted to just copy your best mate’s style. When you’re a teen, clothing is important but so is having your own identity. Though it’s fine to take a little inspiration from what your friends are wearing, you need to ask yourself, do you really want to be seen out in public wearing matching T-Shirts, Jackets or Trainers? Try to express yourself through the things you wear. Teenage clothing comes in all shapes, sizes and colours, browse our collection at So, if you notice your friend is wearing a pair of trainers or a jacket you love, think about getting one in a different shade or style. That means you can still enjoy the look without looking like you blatantly stole the idea without thinking for yourself. It’s great to keep up with trends, but always remember that you can choose what’s right for you.


Sometimes it’s great to stand out, especially if you like to be the centre of attention but nobody likes a try hard. If your clothes all scream “look at me!” the chances are, your teenage clothing choices may need to be looked at pretty carefully. T-Shirts with quirky slogans can be great but do they really need to be the only type you own? Brightly coloured shoes and belts can make your dress stand out from a mile away but as with many things in life, less can really be more. When shopping for teenage clothes online, try to limit your choices of particularly outrageous clothes or accessories and mix them with more conservative pieces. This means you can achieve a more balanced look overall.


Ok, we get it, you like sport, but does every item of your teenage clothing have to be somehow linked to your love of football, tennis or running? There’s nothing wrong with having a few bits of kit that represent your home team or show off your love for exercising, but if your whole wardrobe consists of tracksuit bottoms and trainers, you might want to start thinking about some more trendy teen clothing items to balance things out a little bit, check our store here. T-Shirts with collars can be a good look for boys who still want to retain a little sporty edge without going full gym freak and girls can tone down the adrenaline a bit by swapping joggers for skirts or jeans.

So, if you’re trying to avoid standing out for all of the wrong reasons when you’re choosing teenage clothes, try to make sure you don’t fit the bill of any of our terrible teen fashion faux pas.