Teen Fashions And Individuality: How To Stand Out
Teen Fashions And Individuality: How To Stand Out

Teen Fashions And Individuality: How To Stand Out

Teen Fashions And Individuality: How To Stand Out

Although fashion and trendy teen clothing is based on wearing the kind of garments that are popular, it's still important to try and stand out as an individual. Though many people may wear the same style of jacket or jeans, there are a few things you can do to make sure that your unique personality shines through. What we wear says a lot about us and standing out can be as simple as letting your true self-be reflected by your clothes. For teens, this can be quite simple and just take a little bit of forwarding planning. This guide is designed to help you stand out and be individual, while still keeping up with the latest fashions.


Be Brave With Colours

When you're young, you can enjoy wearing all sorts of things that adults would not be able to get away with. This is a time in your life to enjoy the freedom of experimenting with clothes. If you notice everybody is sporting a particular style of jacket or hoodie in neutral, plain colours, you could switch things up a bit by opting for something a little brighter. Many sportswear and teen fashion labels will release popular designs in a variety of colours, but there are only a few people who are brave enough to step out in the more unusual shades such as bright yellow, laser green or shocking pink. Wearing something loud and bold like this does take some serious confidence, though, so make sure you are feeling strong and positive before you make a decision.


Compare But Don't Copy

When you're searching for teen clothes online, UK retailers will often show you their most popular products first. This is fine and you can get some great ideas from seeing what other people are buying, but don't be afraid to search for one or two alternatives as well. There's nothing worse than turning up to school or college and noticing that more than ten people have the same coat as you. It's nobody's fault and we all get over things like this, but you can avoid any potential embarrassment by trying to aim for garments that are a little bit different to the most popular styles that you see every day. Look for labels and makes that you trust but be crafty and think outside the box. A snowboarding jacket could look great but maybe check out things like golf or tennis jackets before you make that final purchase, you may be surprised about what you find.


Names Aren't Everything

The most famous brand names in teen clothing are so well known, there's no need for us to mention them here. Yes, it can be nice to have a few designer tops or T-shirts in your collection, but they can be very expensive. You can usually find lesser known brands that have designed fantastic garments that look just as good, if not better than the famous names if you spend a little time searching. When it comes to keeping your wardrobe fresh, buying cheap teen clothes means you can basically get a lot more for your money. That means you can change your outfit every day of the week if you want to and this sense of variety and unpredictability will certainly help you to stand out amongst the crowds. You could also be surprised at the variety of styles available when you look outside of the usual big name brands. Fashion isn't about labels, it's about wearing things that make you look and feel the best you can.


Accessories Are Your Friend

The people who are remembered for their fashion choices rarely rock up to an awards ceremony or a special occasion dressed in plain jeans and a t-shirt. They usually have something really different and unusual to augment or complement their choice of clothing. For teens, accessories like pendants to go around your neck, hats, sunglasses, small bags and chunky wallets can be ideal for making a pretty standard set of clothes look a lot more interesting. Belts with buckles can transform baggy tops in to something a little more structured and subtle jewellery like rings or gold chains can add a little air of refinement to a functional frock. For younger children, accessories aren't really something to think about but as you move in to your later high school years, you may want to start picking up the odd thing here and there whenever you're out shopping for teen clothes. That way, you can build up a little collection that can be mixed and matched to suit your outfit each day.


Be Ahead Of The Curve

This cliched phrase does have some truth to it and looking to your idols for inspiration is a great way of staying ahead of current fashion trends. Check out what Stormzy's wearing next time he's on TV. Have a look at what Miley's got in her hair or around her waist the next time she gets snapped by the paparazzi. Your friends and classmates can be a great place to start when it comes to choosing fashionable teen clothes, but it's important to try and look beyond your immediate environment if you can. By taking inspiration from a singer, actress or sportsperson, you can keep your fashion secrets to yourself and choose clothes that are so trendy, they've yet to become popular. This can be a risky game and you need to be fairly sure that you can carry off whatever look are planning, but if you get it right, you will be a trendsetter, rather than a follower and that's a great thing for anybody to be.

Fashion isn't about copying other people and it isn't about ignoring trends either. The truth is somewhere in the middle of those two extremes. Try to keep your individuality while using fashions to dress in a way that makes you happy. At the end of the day, this is what matters the most, not what other people think of you.