Finally we are all taking note, and personal responsibility for our individual carbon footprint. Plastics are quite rightly at the forefront of the conversation and we are seeing the social and environmental conscience change for the better. We look at our plastic differently, we choose not to use a straw, we choose not to take an extra plastic bag for our shopping- or no bag at all.

Electric cars and Hybrids are on the rise and so on ... in each industry and area... fuelled by generation Y and Z. This new generation is putting us all under the microscope and saying- Enough!

At Teenzshop- we too must look at how we can make Eco-Friendliness a Core Value, at each and every step of the process.

Using recyclable plastics when plastics are absolutely necessary. 

By combination shipping to lower our carbon Footprint.

By Using our own Factory that has been government regulated and credited as Green.

Teenzshop Factory

And Lastly- By using as many Sustainable fabrics as possible. These overstock or as some call- Deadstock fabrics have become a pivitol piece in our drive to make our fashion as ethical and sustainable as we can. Deadstock is basically the left-over stock, gone unused and wasted by big brands producing large quantities. You can either go buy these leftovers direct from the factories or from Local Markets in the manufacturing country.

Local Markets


By using these fabrics we are promoting a more circular economy. Using the leftovers may sound like eating scraps!- but its quite to the contrary. You are able to buy sometimes very high quality fabrics that were originally produced for expensive designer brands. What gives us an advantage here as manufacturers is that the small, limited quantities that we are able to make with the deadstock - we see as a plus, a positive. Most small or boutique brands dont have the manufacturing capabilities to produce small quantites as most factories will not accept the order. Also brands would not be able to fulfil re-orders of a product as the fabric wouldn't be available again.


So for Teenzshop- (who are able to make the smaller quantities in-house)- we love that our designs are limited. In a world of such Fast- Fashion- we feel consumers need to slow down, enjoy their clothes, enjoy their fashion and start to feel more unique. Vintage clothing in fashion is ever more popular and young fashionistas are excited to stand a part from the pack. To not wear the same things as all the others, to not need to be wearing the Hot Trend piece to validate them. We currently have about 30% of our products using Sustainable Fabrics and our target is to double this in the next two years.

When we create our designs at Teenzshop- we try to look at each piece- and ask ourselves the question- Will this item look good next year? It cant be all about Now Now Now. To have high quality pieces that you mix and match in your wardrobe season to season- as you would with a very expensive designer Jacket for Example. Just because it came at a low Price- shouldn't mean its disposable.



We also Donate our Samples to :

Centrepoint UK

Watts Homeless Shelters LA

If you have any other suggestions we would love to hear from you.