Which Popular Sports Have Great Influence On Teen Fashion
Which Popular Sports Have Great Influence On Teen Fashion

Which Popular Sports Have Great Influence On Teen Fashion

Which Popular Sports Have Great Influence On Teen Fashion

Sports personalities have been a big influence on the world of fashion since the early 1960s. Footballers, tennis players and rugby champions have all regularly appeared in the pages of glossy magazines while wearing the latest must have outfits. Whether you enjoy sport or not, it's impossible to deny its influence on clothes for teens, adults and even children. From football kits to tracksuit bottoms, skate shoes to golf jackets, the world of sport provides many people with inspiration for the garments they choose when building up their wardrobe. This is article explains how some of the more popular sports have influenced the world of teen fashion.




Arguably the most popular sport in the UK and part of many people's daily life. Official team merchandise such as replica kits, boots and T-shirts are available from most clubs and each week, legions of fans proudly wear their team colours to watch the game. Beyond this, garments such as the football manager's jacket and tracksuit bottoms with poppers along the sides of the leg have also evolved from sports like football. Though many young people will wear this style, it was originally designed for use on or around the pitch. In recent years people like David Beckham and Wayne Rooney have become fashion icons among men. Their choice of smart but casual, grown up style has changed the way many young men think about the clothes they choose. Beckham even did some modelling for a well-known fashion designer, which changed the way many men think about what they wear.




Though less popular in the UK than it is in the USA, basketball has undeniably influenced British teen clothes. The famous high top, chunky trainers that many of the players wore in the 1980s and 90s became extremely popular among young adults and children. This style never really went away, and you can still buy shoes that are endorsed by players. The basketball style sleeveless top also remains popular in certain subcultures. Hip Hop and Rock music videos frequently feature both male and female stars wearing this type of garment. For the real diehard fans there are also team jackets and though this is fashionable in certain circles, it is another trend that is probably best suited to the US, rather than the UK.




For many years people argued skateboarding wasn't a real sport but with the birth of huge international tournaments and a continued growth in popularity, it remains one of the biggest influences on teen fashion in the UK today. Skate shoes have been popular since the nineties and there are now many styles available for both boys and girls. Clothes for teens that are based on skate fashion are very common now, with many manufacturers off boards and hardware producing ranges of hoodies, jeans, jackets and accessories. Non-branded skate wear can also be great, especially if you're looking to save money. Cheap teen clothes aren't always of lesser quality and if you shop around, you can find very well-made skate style fashions for a fraction of the price of some of the major brands. Just hit over to https://teenzshop.co.uk/ for amazing collection of hoodies, T-shirts, joggers, jeans and many more teen clothing for boys and girls. Now that games like Tony Hawks and SK8 are internationally renowned, skateboarding doesn't seem to be going anywhere, so if you want a little taste of the unique, street friendly style that so many skateboarders have, try picking up a few items to add to your teen clothing collection.




For more than 50 years, tennis has influenced the way adults and teenagers dress. The simple “tennis shoe” was one of the first mass produced trainers and eventually evolved into the wide range of light, low profile footwear we know and love today. Tennis skirts are sometimes worn as part of fashionable ensembles and the collared T-shirt remains a staple part of many men's wardrobe, especially those who like casual and street style. The tennis style trainer has remained popular over the years and there are now retro versions of classic 1970s, 80s and 90s shoes that are extremely popular among adults and teen clothing collectors alike. Accessories are the one area of tennis that haven't really translated well into modern fashion. Sweatbands might have looked good in the 80s, but they're definitely better to be worn on the court, rather than when you're out and about.


Snowboarding and Skiing


Winter sports are great for fashions and over the years, skiing and snowboarding styles have crept into the mainstream. The large, padded, multi pocketed snowboarding jacket is a firm favourite in the UK, especially in Autumn and Winter. Though we don't generally get too many sub-zero days, it's always good to have that extra insulation when you need it. Ski jackets have changed quite significantly over the years and the garish, brightly coloured versions that many teenagers wore in the 80s and 90s would now be considered deeply unfashionable. Snowboarding borrows a lot of stylistic elements from skate wear and this influence means most jackets that are made for wearing while on the slopes have an understated, functional style that works with pretty much any outfit. When it comes to accessories, a pair of large, mirrored or black sunglasses will help you look the part on those frosty but bright winter days.




Not for the faint of heart and very popular with both men and women, rugby hasn't influenced fashion in the same way as some of our other examples, but the classic rugby shirt is a very popular garment for adults and teenagers. The collar makes this something of a crossover between a sweater and smart shirt, making it ideal for occasions where you need to be smart, but not too smart. Since female rugby grew in popularity, many women now wear this style of shirt, too and it's not uncommon to see groups of student players out and about while wearing tracksuit bottoms and this type of garment. At the other end of the spectrum, some hipster types with a taste for the unusual have been known to mix the long, thick rugby style socks with skirts and dresses for a very unique look.