How The Big Screen Influences Teen Fashion
How The Big Screen Influences Teen Fashion

How The Big Screen Influences Teen Fashion

How The Big Screen Influences Teen Fashion

Ever since the birth of cinema over 100 years ago, people have been inspired by the costumes and clothing they see on the big screen. These days, movies can actually create new fashion trends that apply to clothes for teens as well as adults. Over the years there have been some incredible, iconic movies that have spawned brand new trends in the clothing industry, even though people may not have realised it at the time. When millions of people around the world watch the same movie, they often take a great deal of inspiration from what their favourite characters wear. This means that although the costumes may be secondary to the storyline, they still play a huge part in the way we choose our teen clothing collection whether we realise it or not. Here is our list of some of the most influential fashion friendly movies.


Back to the Future Part 2


This all-time classic didn't really influence fashion very much until the second instalment. Our hero, Marty Mcfly, is seen wearing “futuristic” clothes when he travels from 1985 to 2015. The self-lacing trainers, baseball cap and bubble style jacket that Michael J Fox wore in that film would gradually start to influence fashion designers until a range of very similar looking products became available. Clothes for teens in the 90s were starting to change and the big, chunky, high top style trainers were very much in style and this film certainly helped to popularise that design. In more recent years, a well-known fashion brand produced some limited edition trainers that were identical to the ones Marty wore.




A favourite among the goth and emo community, this classic dark comedy was directed by Tim Burton and remains popular to this day. The outfits that Winona Ryder's character wears gave rise to many teen clothes that looked distinctly unusual. Black, purples and accessories like collars or fingerless gloves became very popular around this time. It's not a style for everyone and it certainly draws attention, but for a whole subculture of people, this dark fairy tale served as a huge influence on the way they dressed.




In the mid 90s, this film was popular among girls and boys alike, though many probably wouldn't admit it. The outfits that Cher and her crew of socialites wear were the uniform of the rich American high school senior. Checked skirts, long socks and even berets were commonplace for the girls and trendy teen clothes shops would often stock items that closely resembled the style. For the boys, baggy jeans that were worn very low around the waist and accessories like chunky gold chains or backwards baseball caps were the order of the day. Though a lot of these fashions already existed, Clueless helped to bring them to a new audience of UK teen clothes enthusiasts.


Spice World


It didn't win any Oscars and it isn't regarded as one of the greatest films of all time, but for fans of the Spice Girls outrageous fashion, this was a real treat. The famous five wore a range of different outfits, complete with incredibly high platform shoes or boots, sportswear mixed with evening style formal dress and all kinds of other outlandish combinations. Clothes for teens and adults were all heavily influenced by the girl group's style and as there seems to be a taste for revivals and retro fashion at the moment, it probably won't be long before this bold and unusual style is popular again.




The all singing, all dancing classic was actually made in the 1970s, but the fashions all came straight out of the 1950s. The black leather jackets and quiff style haircuts that John Travolta and his gang of T-Birds wore became popular after the film was released and there was something of a revival for this kind of look. The dresses and outfits that the girls wore were even more popular and many people still consider this film to be one of the greatest of all time in terms of finding fashion influences. Though the actors were much older, they were all supposed to be playing school age young people who were obsessed with the right clothes; for teens at the time, this was really exciting.


High School Musical


In 2006, this larger than life production made preppy style cool again and it hasn't really gone away. Baseball style “varsity” jackets and cheerleader skirts are still popular among trendy teen clothes fans and hipster adults as well. The style of school uniform is quite different in the USA, so many people around the world enjoyed dressing up for the novelty value alone. Other people just liked the “jock” and “geek” type of outfits because they were so different to anything else that was around at the time.


Hannah Montana the Movie


Before Miley came in like a wrecking ball, she was known as Hannah Montana. Her cutesy style was something many teenage clothes lovers really liked, and the film helped to spread her influence to millions of fans across the world. Since then, Miley has changed the direction of her fashion choices quite radically, but the start of her huge influence can certainly be traced back to this popular big screen version of her hit TV show. The southern American setting means that all of the clothes have a distinctly “Western” feel to them, which makes them all the more unusual.


The Dark Knight


The dark and moody Gotham city is home to some great fashions and this instalment of the long running Batman franchise showed off Bruce Wayne's billionaire style. Though teen clothes shoppers are probably a little young for his sensible and sleek suits or his long, business style jackets, there's no denying that the costumes in this film all look good enough to become high street fashions in their own right. The female cast also wear some elegant and highly sought-after outfits, so next time you're looking for a little bit of grown up style, consider re watching this all-time classic.