How To Wear The Rainbow Trend This Summer
How To Wear The Rainbow Trend This Summer

How To Wear The Rainbow Trend This Summer

How To Wear The Rainbow Trend This Summer

Multi-colour rainbow hues went straight from the runaways to the high street this season. But how to choose the right T-shirt or trousers and what to wear them with?

Bright, bold and refreshing, the rainbow colours ruled the runaway shows this 2018 Spring Summer season from Dolce & Gabbana and Vetements to Moschino- just to name a few. Gradually, the fun multi-colour hues overtook the high streets and now we can see them everywhere, 70’s inspired stripe T-shirts, wide leg trousers with side tape, statement dresses and accessories. How not to fall in love with this cheerful, fun and loving trend?

The rainbow obsession didn’t stop there, though. If you haven’t seen it, which I am sure is not your case, a whole list of my most favourite celebrities followed the rainbow trend and started experimenting with their hair colours. Cardi B rocked absolutely stunning unicorn hairstyle last month, Kylie Jenner, Gigi and Bella Hadid, Zayn, Rita Ora. From muted dusky pink highlights to bold brights, I loved them all. And although I personally cannot afford such radical change although I am excellent “negotiator” at home, lol, I can still taste the rainbow and bring some colour explosion in my wardrobe. Thus, today I decided to share with you my secrets on how and what a teenage girl can wear to tune into the biggest fashion trend this Summer.


Go with all-over retro stripes T-shirt or plain one with a “dash of rainbow”


Probably the easiest to wear choice of them all. I tend to always choose my tops first and then think of bottoms. But this is just me.



You can opt for soft, muted, dreamy pastel pieces or go with bold, bright, statement ones. From all-over stripes, both horizontal and vertical, with or without slogans and embellishments, to plain one colour T-shirt with thin or thick multi-colour tape or graphic prints on the side, front or back. It is really hard to summarise them all. The designers this season have really gone creative and the trend went massive from casual, oversized T-shirts, to fitted tops and more dressy shirts.  


  • How to combine?


The most obvious and no-brainer choice would be the denim. A denim pair of jeans, shorts, skirt or dungaree comes quite handy and every teenage girl owns at least one of these in her wardrobe.

I am in big favour of light blue denims for the Summer. They are my always go-to versatile piece, as they bring nice colour balance in my outfits. I can successfully combine a ripped off pair of such jeans or my ever favourite for hot days denim girls shorts with frayed hem with a white tank top with rainbow tape or literally any fully striped T-shirt. Fitted, one-shoulder, bardot or slightly oversized top, I would simply tide it in a knot or slip one side of it into the shorts.

If you have the time and want to masterpiece your trendy outfit, then I advise you to pick up your most favourite colour from the rainbow and go with it for the bottom. You cannot go wrong with this option just bear in mind that the darker the colour, the less fresh your overall look would be. After all it is Summer, and you will agree it needs to give us a break from all dull winter colours.

There is a third option here and these are the neutrals. Off-white, pale blue/grey/beige are great to combine with pastel tops, while for brights, you might consider black or mid blue bottoms.



Think twice before you choose your rainbow bottoms



The hottest bottoms I have seen so far and cannot hide it, it was love from first sight, are a pair of white, wide leg, really wide leg trousers with very delicate thick side rainbow tape. I know, white bottoms are not practical choice one will say. But I am from these girls who simply follow their heart when it comes to fashion choices. Enough about me though! This article is for you. 

The teen clothing online stores, including here at are full of both options for teenage girls – wide leg trousers, either extra-long so they cover your shoes or cropped half way under your knee with side slits (perfect for Summer), as well as sporty-chic choices of tapered leg (joggers type) pieces or even leggings you can rock with heels or trainers according to your personal preferences.


  • How to combine?


I opened the paragraph with “think twice” as although these are highly trending now, the rainbow trousers can be quite eccentric clothing and may or may not be ok to wear next season. Thus, to be on the safe side, I recommend a plain black, red, white, blue etc. bottoms with a single rainbow stripe. At least this way you can be sure, your buy will last more than one season.

When it comes to combining, similarly to the already said above, an all-over rainbow trousers would go well with any plain top from the 7 colour options available (don’t forget the neutrals, as well). In contrast to the advice given with tops, though, here you can indeed opt for darker vest, crop top or bandeau, simply because proportion-wise the rainbow bottom will always outstand the top.


And here is an assemble I made for you, so you can get inspired. Picture these Teenzshop cropped trousers with side snaps and a wide dripped plain T-shirt and trainers. Wear the side poppers opened up to the knee for a daytime look. Paired with Teenzshop faux denim blue knit jacket – and you are all set. This jacket is more like a cardi with a jacket look. Super lightweight and perfect to protect from the aircon or chillier Summer nights. Also, a soft knit easy to tie round your waist. 



Rainbow accessories – “just a dip” or “dive into it”


Where to begin? On the accessories scene, you can find literally everything rainbow! From shoes (trainers with minimal multicolour stripe, small block heels with rainbow heel or flats with rainbow straps), hand bags (all-over stripes or multicolour embroidery), jewellery (drop earrings or rings with multi-colour stones), scarfs, sunglasses… You will find a way to either just dip your toes into the trend or dive straight into it.

And there is only one rule to remember here. Don’t overdo it! Wear your multicolour accessories on plain outfits. If you choose to wear two accessories at the same time (earrings and handbag, or belt and trainers), make sure they perfectly match.