Gaming and Teen Fashion - Styles Inspired By Games
Gaming and Teen Fashion - Styles Inspired By Games

Gaming and Teen Fashion - Styles Inspired By Games

Gaming and Teen Fashion - Styles Inspired By Games

Though you might not realise it, the world of games influences the world of fashion pretty significantly. From the early days of the ZX Spectrum, Atari and Commodore 64 to the modern age of VR and handheld consoles, the video game characters we grow up with can change the way we dress and the way we think about clothes. From the logos and designs the developers use to the actual costumes some of the characters wear, the world of teen clothes and fashion has always been closely linked to games and gaming. This article explains how some of the most popular and successful games of all times have influenced clothes for teens over the years.




Unless you have been hiding under a rock or living in a cave, you can't have missed out on Fortnight's success. Similar to other Battle Royale style games like the well-loved PUBG, this chaotic and crazy survival multiplayer has influenced fancy dress costumes, cosplay parties and even everyday high-street fashion. With a range of T-shirts, hoodies, bags and other accessories now available, many young people are demonstrating their love for this addictive and incredibly fun game by dressing the part. The costumes worn by the characters in Fortnight are considered so revolutionary that even the Guardian newspaper wrote an article about it. Though mainly worn at sci-fi conventions and gaming expos, the crazy colours and costumes are slowly seeping their way into the world of teen fashion.




Aimed at a different market to the likes of Battlefield or Call of Duty, Roblox is a creative game that allows users to express themselves. This made it extremely popular with girls and some boys, too. The fashion design element means you can create costumes and designs from scratch. This kind of play actually helps young people to think about fashion in a different way. Though you may not want to dress yourself in the kind of teen clothes you are creating for your characters online, the process of coordinating outfits, choosing accessories and working out which colours match all helps to give you a better idea of what looks good and more importantly, what doesn't. This sort of game might not have a direct impact on teen fashion, but the process involved certainly means that regular players may be a little better at choosing their own teen clothes.


Watch Dogs


Along with Deus Ex and a few other incredibly stylish titles, Watchdogs actually spawned some real-world merchandise lines that become incredibly popular among teenage clothing fans. The baseball caps, hoodies, jeans and military style canvas duffle have all been seen on the streets and the playgrounds of the UK over the past 3 to 4 years. The sequel continued to keep things super stylish and along with the range of official merchandise available to go with the game, you may notice certain urban outfitters and other teen clothing manufacturers producing gear that bears a striking resemblance to some of the clothes worn by the characters in the game. The realism in the game means it is generally only suitable for those over 18, though the impact of the styling on the wider world of fashion and media cannot be denied.


Final Fantasy


The long running Japanese adventure series has been a firm favourite for gamers for nearly 2 decades now. The quirky, anime style fashions that the characters wear have definitely influenced real world teen clothes over the past 20 years. From simple tartan skirts with knee length socks for girls who want to adopt Sareh's cute look to cloak style jackets and spiky, swept over haircuts for boys, the game's peculiar and very unique style can be seen from the high-street to the catwalk. Graphics have come a long since 1987 when the first game was released, and the blocky, pixelated costumes of the past have gradually given way to elegant, real world style clothing that looks great on anybody who wants to show off their love for gaming.


Old School Games


From Pacman to Space Invaders, Zelda to Outrun, the games of yesteryear refuse to go away and seem to pick up new fans with each generation. At first, many people thought computer games were just for kids but now that the industry is the most successful sector of the entertainment business, those people have realised they were wrong. Dead wrong. The old arcade classics have inspired T-Shirts, dresses, shoes, bags, watches, hoodies and almost any other style of adult or teen clothing you can think of. You can buy earrings in the shape of well-loved characters like Sonic and Mario, even printed skirts and tops that feature the vivid colours of some of the levels. Though this kind of thing used to be exclusively confined to cosplay parties, many teen clothes fans, especially in cosmopolitan cities, have been seen wearing this kind of garment out and about with their friends.


Some of the biggest fashion brands in the world, including Converse, Nike and Adidas have all released limited edition ranges of shoes and accessories that have sold out, sometimes in a matter of minutes. Though the kind of games your parents used to play might seem pretty simple by today's standards, their influence on culture, most notably fashion, is absolutely undeniable.


Tomb Raider


Until this ground-breaking adventure game was released in the 1990s, many people thought games were only for boys. Teen fashions for girls had little to do with the characters seen in pixel form on screen and unless you were playing as Chun Li in Street Fighter 2, the options for females were sorely limited. When Lara Croft's character emerged, she became one of the most popular of all time, spawning dungarees and shorts that looked remarkably like the ones she wears in the game. There was an even a film where Angelina Jolie brought the fearless heroine to life, opening up a whole new fan base of fashion conscious young women. Though still mainly worn at fancy dress parties, this style has never gone away and paved the way for some of today's most successful games.