Functional Wardrobe For Teens - A Survival Guide
Functional Wardrobe For Teens - A Survival Guide

Functional Wardrobe For Teens - A Survival Guide

Functional Wardrobe For Teens - A Survival Guide

When people shop for garments online, the fun part is looking for those amazing teen clothes that stand out because of the quality of the design or the unique shape. Unfortunately, wearing clothes that are stylish and fashionable all the time is rarely possible, especially when we have to do things like go to work, school or college. Instead of filling your wardrobe with collections of cutting-edge trainers, limited edition T-Shirts and snapbacks, it would make sense to invest in at least a few sensible, understated items as well. Everybody loves looking their best but in reality, there are situations in life where function has to come before fashion. This is our guide to buying the clothes you definitely need, even if they aren't especially exciting.




Though not many teen clothing collections feature an extensive range of business dress, having at least one suit can make events like interviews or other formal occasions an absolute snap to prepare for. A simple suit jacket can also look great with jeans, skirts or trousers, so even if you don't wear the whole thing on a regular basis, you can always add a touch of super smart style to your daily ensemble. The suit can actually look very stylish and doesn't have to be boring. When it comes to clothes, for teens and adults alike, this timeless and universally accepted staple can make you appear grown up, experienced and refined. It's not very likely you will be donning a dinner jacket or a formal skirt to pop down to a gig with your mates but having one on standby means that you can rise to any occasion and won't be left feeling out of place in your jeans and trainers.


White Shirts and Black Trousers


Whether you are male or female, this simple but effective combination is still one of the go-to teen clothing combinations for any event where jeans, tracksuit bottoms or hoodies might not be appropriate. Though not quite as formal as a suit, a well ironed white shirt and a pair of properly fitting black trousers will still make you appear professional, grown up and confident. Having one or two pairs of smart black trousers and a couple of white shirts ready to go means you won't be caught out when it's time to dress up a little. Events like family parties, weddings and formal meals with the family can sometimes require us to put in a little more effort, so even though you don't need to spend a great deal, sacrificing just one top brand name T-Shirt or pair of trainers will mean you can invest in the kind of teen clothes that will serve you well for years, not just a few months.


The comfortable collection


Sometimes, you don't dress to impress, you simply choose clothes that make you feel comfortable. If you're planning a lazy Sunday in front of Netflix or perhaps an afternoon of gaming, spending hours on your make-up or coordinating your accessories to match your trainers is probably the last thing on your mind. A hardy, long lasting pair of jogging bottoms, a pair of slipper socks or flip flops and perhaps a large and fleecy hooded top will be all you need to top up your chill credits before another week of school, college or work. When buying comfortable clothes for teens, including here at there is a lot of choice available and cheaper options can be attractive but investing a little more in 100% cotton garments or products without synthetic fibres can make a real difference to how they feel against your skin. Dressing down and chilling out is one of life's great pleasures, so though you might need to have a little word with yourself if you find you are living in jogging bottoms, there's nothing wrong with dressing to feel good rather than look good every once in a while.


Work, School and Formal shoes


For sneaker freaks, brand new trainers are the best thing in the world and for those who love their heels, buying a pair of killer stilettos or chunky wedges can be the highlight of their week. Unfortunately, sometimes you need to buy teen clothes for function not fashion, which means plain black, brown, grey or other neutral colours will be the order of the day. Leather is long lasting, suede can look very smart but requires a little cleaning and mixed materials, though often a little cheaper than real leather, will often be less breathable. Having at least one pair of sensible, work or school friendly shoes means that even if you dress in street style at any given opportunity, you can still look smart and professional when you need to. Avoid fads and logos when it comes to buying smart shoes to add to your teen clothing collection as they will generally go out of style pretty quickly. Instead, look at the design and build quality of the shoe. You are looking for a good strong sole, reliable stitching and ideally breathable, waterproof material that won't get smelly or start looking worn too quickly.


Sports and activewear


Some people love exercising, others hate it, but in today's world, sports and active pursuits are a huge part of life for most people. Having a pair of tracksuit bottoms, joggers or shorts on standby means you can say yes to going for a run with friends, even at short notice. Trainers don't have to be designer brands, especially if you plan on getting them dirty while playing sports, so consider investing in a cheap but serviceable pair that you won't feel too bad about putting through their paces on the football field or basketball court. Vests, lycra tops and other materials that are designed to wick the sweat away from your body while you exercise can be a good investment as well, though a plain old T-Shirt will do just fine, as long as you make sure to take a spare, dry top to change in to when you're done.


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