Do Celebrities Make Good Fashion Role Models for Teens
Do Celebrities Make Good Fashion Role Models for Teens

Do Celebrities Make Good Fashion Role Models for Teens

Do Celebrities Make Good Fashion Role Models for Teens

More celebrities than ever now have sponsorship deals with high profile fashion labels. From rappers to actors, reality TV stars to Youtubers, the world of fashion has well and truly collided with the world of entertainment and it doesn’t look like anything’s going to change soon.

When you search for trendy teen clothes, the chances are you’re being influenced by what you have seen celebrities wearing on TV, on stage or online. There’s no denying that some of the most famous people in the world are also some of the best dressed but let’s not forget all those red carpet disasters and cringe inducing fashion fails. This article looks at whether or not those famous faces that we know and love really have a positive influence on the way young people think about what they wear.


Choice is a great thing, especially when it comes to clothes; for teens, there are more choices of style, material, brand and label than ever before. Celebrities can help you make those choices without having to stress about it too much. If you love Nikki Minaj’s shoe game or Stormzy’s arsenal of tracksuits, the chances are that you search for your teen clothes online with a pretty good idea of what you’re looking for. It’s natural to want to try and emulate your idols and people have been doing this for years. From the flares of the 1970s to the bucket hats and parkas of the 1990s and beyond. When you choose the same style of jacket or hoodie as a celebrity you look up to, you’re adopting a little bit of the style that makes them so appealing. As long as you remember to keep your own, brilliant identity, enjoying fashion can be a fun way to keep up with best and brightest in the world of stage and screen.


Celebrity fashion is what gives so many people their sense of identity. Whether its following the latest footballing superstar’s choice of chinos or dissecting a dance music icon’s selection of baseball caps, people love to dress like the people they respect. Young people are no different and teen clothing is no longer considered separate from the rest of the world of fashion, here at Teenzshop that’s exactly what we think, which means you can pick up some of the best brands in small and medium sizes as well as large or adult sizes. Sporting the same T-Shirt as your comedy hero or donning the same kind of hat that your reality TV idol loves shows everybody what you’re in to and what you’re about.

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We all know that not everybody can be a celebrity, but it can be great fun to dress like one. TV shows, films and music videos are an absolute goldmine of ideas for clothing. For teens, adults and anybody who likes to take an interest in current trends, picking up a sharp new jacket or a sleek pair of trainers they’ve seen their idols wearing can be a great way of adding a little extra enjoyment in an average or uneventful week.


If you’ve opened a fashion magazine, looked on the gossip section of a news website or even just switched on the TV, you can’t have escaped some of the truly unbelievable outfits that some celebrities try to get away with. From Lady Ga Ga’s meat dress to Lil Wayne’s blinding displays of jewellery, there are hundreds of examples to choose from when it comes to celebrities taking things way too far. Remember that you live in the real world and that your teen clothes will be seen by real world people. Making an impression for being unique is great but standing out because you look a little bit ridiculous definitely isn’t. Unfortunately, a lot of celebrities don’t know the difference, even if you do. When looking for teen clothing, it’s easy to forget that although something abstract and shocking might like incredible against a backdrop of strobe lights and explosions or a well-lit studio set, it probably won’t have quite the same effect when you’re standing at the bus stop on your way to school.


It’s important to remember that if everybody starts dressing in exactly the same way as their idol, things will get pretty boring, pretty quickly. There’s a fine line between using your favourite celebrity as a source of inspiration and just not thinking for yourself. When you’re looking for trendy teen clothes, you can find great choice of such clothing here at, think about whether or not celebrity style is something you want to show off all the time. Some people like that, which is fine, but a lot of real, every day people prefer to mix things up a little bit with a combination of glamour and every day style. Also, remember that although it might look and feel new and unique to you, if Beyonce is wearing it, the chances are that millions of other people are, too. It’s easy to just look at what the big stars choose to put on when picking up your own teen clothes, but when you do this you always run the risk of bumping in to somebody who is dressed in exactly the same outfit as you. Celebrities are great for entertainment but remember not to let yourself lose sight of who you really are.


It would be nice if celebrities all endorsed products they truly believed in, but sometimes, if there’s money involved, they will promote fashions and fads they aren’t really interested in. Who can blame them? A quick buck is often very appealing. Remember this has an impact on the world of teen clothes and if you suspect that somebody is only wearing a certain jacket or top because they’re being paid to do so, you need to ask yourself if you want to be part of that. Some people are fine with it, but many people prefer it when their celebrity idols are genuine and honest about what they really like.