Autumn Jackets - Types and Trends - What You Need to Know
Autumn Jackets - Types and Trends - What You Need to Know

Autumn Jackets - Types and Trends - What You Need to Know

Autumn Jackets - Types and Trends - What You Need to Know

This time of the year is perfect for showing off those staple outerwear garments that we often take for granted. When you think about the selection of teen clothes in your wardrobe, you probably don't really think about your coat very much. Though for at least half the year or more, we wear jackets every day in the UK. Many of us don't consider them as fashionable pieces of clothing and instead think about them as simple, boring and functional items. This isn't the best way to look at it as a good quality outer shell can be absolutely essential to creating an overall look that works for you. This guide explains the types of jacket you can choose from and some of the best options for every budget.



These large, chunky and super warm jackets were popular in the 90s whether you were a style-conscious adult or a trendy teen; clothes often come back in fashion a few years after their popularity has peaked and that's certainly the case with the bubble jacket. Kanye West, Rihanna and many films and TV stars have been snapped wearing this style of coat, so if you want to stay on trend this autumn, it could be a good choice for you. Generally, you get what you pay for and the quality of the lining will make a real difference to how warm you feel when those mornings roll around again. Remember, your jacket is one of the most important items of clothing you have, so don't be afraid to invest a little more if you can.



Once considered a seriously uncool piece of clothing, mainly worn by middle-aged walkers and people your grandparent's age, this style of jacket has come a long way since the days of cagoules and walking boots. Clothes for teens with an active lifestyle are easy to come by now and manufacturers have made a real effort with the styling of waterproof, light jackets that can survive even the most extreme of weather conditions. Though the top brands are often considered the best, unless you are genuinely going to spend most weekends walking in the hills, a budget alternative should be fine. Goretex and other waterproof fabrics are specially designed to allow you to move around without getting too hot, but they also provide enough insulation to keep your body at a comfortable temperature. Usually featuring stylish round collars and extras like detachable hoods, a hiking jacket can be a smart and practical solution to those in need of cheap teen clothes.



The iconic leather jacket has been part of teen fashion culture for more than 50 years. Ever since James Dean first appeared on screen in the classic “Rebel Without a Cause” teen clothing aficionados have been trying to recreate that effortlessly cool look. A favourite with rockers and punks, goths and emo kids, the rock-star look never really goes out of fashion. Both girls and boys can wear leather jackets with practically any outfit as they can look both smart and street friendly. For the brave and those who want to stand out, a three-quarter length, long leather coat will keep you toasty and warm while still looking super stylish. For those who prefer not to use animal products, there are now many alternatives to real leather available, too. This option can actually be a little cheaper and many of the better-quality manufacturers produce garments that are so close to the real thing, literally, nobody will be able to tell the difference. The only real drawback of a leather jacket as part of your everyday teen clothing collection is that most of them come without a hood, though investing in an umbrella will solve that one for you.



For a real grown-up look that makes you appear smart and mature, you could consider a wool jacket. This style of coat is ideal as part of your school wardrobe because it’s warm and very sturdy but also looks neat and tidy, no matter what else you're wearing. For girls, shorter wool jackets can be a good addition to the teen clothing collection and look great with smart trousers. Boys often suit slightly longer jackets and though this kind of coat can be a little more expensive than some of the alternatives, it will no doubt last you for a very long time. Don't worry too much about this style is a bit boring, either. The likes of Tom Hardy, Stormzy and Rita Ora have been seen out and about in this classic style of stylish outerwear. When shopping for teen clothes online, always try to compare the cost of jackets like this. Branding isn't quite so important with this style, so as long as you like the fit, the material, and the colour, that's all that really matters.



If you live in a Northern town or city, you're probably used to cold winters and nippy autumn mornings by now but having a hefty snowboarding or ski jacket can really help to take the edge off. Used on the slopes by pro athletes, these coats are made to withstand sub-zero temperatures, so if you're looking for something to keep you nice and warm, they're ideal. For trendy teen clothes lovers, a snowboarding style jacket is a good option as many grime and rap artists wear this sort of outer layer. Usually made from breathable material and insulated in such a way that doesn't allow wind, rain or snow to get through, these bulky and substantial items of clothing are affordable and generally quite long lasting. Though they may be a bit much for the earlier part of autumn when the temperatures are still in double figures, they will be absolutely ideal for the later months and heading into winter. Another plus point with this type of coat is the array of pockets and compartments available. If you're one of those people who loves gadgets, there's always plenty of space for your phone, tablet mini console or anything else you like to keep with you.


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