Autumn Fashions for Teenagers - How To Look Your Best
Autumn Fashions for Teenagers - How To Look Your Best

Autumn Fashions for Teenagers - How To Look Your Best

Autumn Fashions for Teenagers - How To Look Your Best

As the leaves start to turn from green to golden brown and the sun sits a little lower in the sky, we suddenly realise the summer has come to an end. Teenage clothing that's suitable for school has no doubt replaced all those funky T-shirts and shorts you have been wearing for the past few weeks. Don't worry, though, this time of year can still be great for fashion and this guide will give you a few tips on looking your best.



Most schools and colleges like their students to dress as smartly as possible. This is to help prepare you for professional life, where you are often expected to wear a business dress or smart casual. Teen clothes for school are usually decided by the type of uniform you wear, but you still have a little room for experimentation when it comes to your shoes, jacket and bag.


In the autumn, temperatures can start to fall, so a pair of sturdy, warm leather shoes or even boots can be a great investment for starting the new school term. Teen clothes shops will all stock a range of school-friendly shoes so you will have a lot to choose from. Look for a good, chunky sole and ideally, material that can cope with all those muddy puddles you'll have to navigate on your way to and from school. For girls, it’s probably best to avoid heels or platforms as this style of shoe is really for free time, rather than wearing at school. A sturdy pair of boots or pair of slip-on's can be simple and very effective choices that will complement the naturally smart look of your school uniform.


Unless your school has a particularly strict dress code when it comes to jackets, you can generally wear almost any style of jacket you want. For girls, leather or even imitation leather can be a great choice for keeping warm and looking good. Sporty types may prefer something a little more modern looking such as a bubble jacket or a fleecy waterproof walking coat. For boys, ski and snowboarding jackets look great and also provide incredible insulation. This means those lunchtime kickabouts won't leave you feeling too chilly. If you are only allowed to wear smart clothes for school or college, it may be worth investing in a long, fabric, suit style coat. It will make you look very grown up and will certainly match with the smart teen clothes that make up most school uniforms.


When thinking about buying a bag for school, it's important to balance practicality with style. Though a tiny designer handbag might look amazing, it won't really be very effective when it comes to carrying a selection of books from class to class. Try to opt for large, spacious bags that provide enough room for everything you need to have with you. Sports style bags can be brilliant as they have many compartments and also look good with sports style jackets. They can also be used when you aren't at school, especially if you play any sports or are involved in any clubs outside of school hours. Though it may not be a popular choice for younger teen clothes shoppers, a briefcase can be a good option for older teenagers who are attending a school or college that has a very smart dress code. This classic staple of the bag world will make you look like a young businessman and though you wouldn't carry it with you if you were trying to adopt a street fashion look, it definitely creates a sense of mature, sensible style.



When you're outside of school or college, you can wear what you like. Autumn teen clothes fashion is usually defined by deep, rich colours like reds, greens and browns. Many designers create their clothes to match the beautiful changing colours that we see around the British landscape at this time of year.


Whether you're male or female, the humble hoodie is an absolute must-have accessory for the autumn. You can take it off and tie it around your waist when playing outside in your younger teen years and also look effortlessly cool when hanging out with friends at parties or youth clubs in your older years. Colours like burgundy, racing green and deep orange can be amazing autumnal choices but if in doubt, go for black, it literally goes with anything. Zip up hoodies can double as a light jacket if you're fortunate enough to live somewhere that enjoys warmer weather in the early part of autumn. They can also be worn unzipped to reveal a cool t-shirt or top with a logo.

Beanies, Bobble Hats and Caps

Though they can be more of a winter thing, hats are definitely in many young people's autumn wardrobe. For fashion retailers who sell teen clothes, UK seasons often determine when they will get their new stock, so this time of year can be a good time shop for good quality headgear. The beanie has been stapled teen fashion item since the 80s and more recently, the hipster-inspired bobble hat has become quite trendy again, so there is more choice than ever. Baseball caps aren't quite as warm, but they suit almost everybody and generally look great. Though they are a little too light for cold days, they can still be worn in September and the slightly warmer autumn months without a problem.

Long Sleeved T-Shirts

This often overlooked garment is perfect for autumn. It's still light enough to allow you to move around without getting too hot, but the long sleeves you won't feel that incoming chill quite as much as you would with a normal T-Shirt. For boys and girls, a selection of a few long-sleeved T-shirts can be a fashionable and practical addition to the teen clothing collection. Fans of rock music and alternative culture often enjoy mixing things up a little bit by wearing long-sleeved T-shirts underneath short-sleeved shirts as this creates a very individual look.