How To Build Your Teen Wardrobe on a Budget
How To Build Your Teen Wardrobe on a Budget

How To Build Your Teen Wardrobe on a Budget

How To Build Your Teen Wardrobe on a Budget

Trendy teen clothes can cost a lot of money but building a wardrobe that has a range of outfits to suit your own lifestyle doesn’t have to be difficult.

This article explains some of the ways you can create a diverse and sharp looking wardrobe without having to spend more than you or your parent’s budget can realistically allow. Cheap teen clothes don’t always look second rate and many budget manufacturers are making affordable, stylish and often unique pieces that could easily stand up against any of the bigger name brands on the high street.


Ask yourself, honestly, how many times have you ever looked at a person’s bag or watch before you’ve noticed their T-Shirt or Jacket? The main staples of a teen clothing collection should be what you focus on first and foremost. A good selection of T-Shirts, hoodies, skirts, dresses, and tops can be mixed and matched with cheaper accessories to create different looks. A nice pair of jeans or trousers can be great, but as many tops often cover the waistband, especially for boys, sometimes it can be worth spending a little more on the top half instead. One branded T-Shirt or top can be all you need to make a selection of cheap teenage clothes look like a top of the range ensemble. Basically, try and shop smart. Think of key items that are the most visible and spend a little more on them, that way you can still enjoy a good selection of styles without breaking the bank.


Use the internet to your advantage and compare the prices of any item you want. If it’s a branded pair of trainers, baseball cap or hoodie, you’ll almost certainly find it being sold for a range of different prices, depending on the retailer. On the high street, teen clothes shops can seem expensive but if you happen to see something for less in rival store, don’t be afraid to ask the assistant if they can match or even beat the price. The worst they can say is no and sometimes, you can get lucky. When buying teen clothes online, obviously look for the lowest price but do be aware of things like delivery costs and hidden charges. Sometimes a deal that looks far too good to be true, is. The main thing to remember when shopping for clothes for teens is to take your time and don’t let yourself feel rushed into making a decision. With enough patience and perseverance, you can find top quality products for a fraction of the price you would have paid if you bought the first item you saw. Check our online store here for an amazing collection of high-quality styles at affordable prices.


There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of air, but at the same time, last season’s quirky accessories often get old very quickly. Try to spend the most on items that will last you a while if you are shopping for teen clothing on a budget. Sometimes spending a little bit more on a good quality jacket or pair of shoes can be a great investment. There’s an old saying that your grandparents might have used “buy cheap, buy twice.” This can often be very true. Though saving money on certain items of cheap teen clothing is highly recommended, skimping on the essentials is definitely not. Something like a jacket can last you several years.


Treating yourself is one of the things we all look forward to and having a little splurge on a few non-essentials is fine but remember to pay attention to the main parts of your wardrobe. Teenage clothes can wear out fairly fast depending on how old you are and how much your body shape changes, so ensure that things like every day outfits like weekend or school clothes are well taken care of before you start dropping hundreds on a set of vintage snap backs or a collection of themed bracelets featuring cartoon characters. Those things like amazing when you’re out with your friends but in formal settings where you need to look a little more grown up, they won’t do you any favours. Similarly, having shoes for both smart and casual is essential. We all love trainers, but every teen clothes collection should contain footwear that won’t get you refused entry to formal venues as well. Shop around and be picky, smart clothes can look just as good as casual street style if you know where to look. Here at we make sure you can find from both styles.


Like any market, teenage clothes is a competitive business and most well respected retailers make sure they reward regular customers with special offers that you just can’t find on the high street. If you notice one particular online store has all the brands and styles you like for a decent price, keep going back to them as schemes like loyalty cards can really bring the overall cost down quite significantly. Don’t be afraid to scour the sales, either. Though not everything that has been reduced will be what you really want, buying from the sale section when looking for teenage clothing online or on the high street allows to pick up big name brands for a bargain price. Providing that you aren’t just buying an item simply because it’s cheap, spending a little time doing some serious digging around can be as fun as it is rewarding. Finally, check to see if there are any special discount codes that you can use to make your overall spend a little less. Many companies work in conjunction with major retailers to offer quite sizable discounts to their customers, so double check all the benefits and extras on your TV, mobile phone and subscription services to see if they offer anything like this.